Carey Mulligan For Vogue...

Mulligan and Mumford married on a farm in Somerset in 2012. They first met when Mulligan was twelve—she doesn’t like to dwell on how, but rumor has it they went to the same Christian youth camp as children and remained pen pals. Mumford’s father, who is a leader, with Mumford’s mother, of an evangelical branch of the Christian church, officiated at the ceremony. The bride wore Prada—as did the bridesmaids—and the whole occasion, as Sienna Miller recalls, was “full of love, like you hope a wedding would be.”

Miller’s boyfriend, Tom Sturridge, who plays the dashing Sergeant Troy in Far from the Madding Crowd, has known Mulligan since they were both eighteen. “One of the first things I think about Carey is how I feel when I’m in their presence,” Sturridge says of her relationship with Mumford. “It’s a very special thing. It’s not often talked about what a wonderful feeling it is to see someone that you care about love and be loved.”

Mulligan herself is loath to talk about Mumford in public. She laughs when I ask how she’s enjoying married life—presumably because both she and I know she won’t say much about it. She says they manage to balance their respective working schedules—“like anyone, you try and split your time evenly”—and that Mumford will be with her in New York on and off. She tells me they are looking forward to having a family and adds, quietly and touchingly, that “Marcus is the only thing that’s mine that I can keep totally away, so I try to.”

Miller points out that “they both come from very solid families and have a real sense of the life they want to live.” She says one of the things she loves most about the couple is “their normalcy. They have chickens and a dog, and roasts and friends, jams by campfires. It’s sort of idyllic. Marcus can headline Glastonbury and Carey can be nominated for however many Oscars, and then they come back to their farm, and they’re in big woolly jumpers and funny hats, raising piglets. It’s an amazing balance they’ve managed to strike. I can’t wait for a little baby to come along.”


I watched The 100 season 2 episode 13 “Resurrection” last night and it was really awesome!

Why is there always a horse gallantly fleeing danger in these things? I mean, I get it, horses are beautiful creatures but it seems over used. Plus the poor thing is on fire!!! How could they?! I mean obviously not really but still … Tony Soprano would have your head for that.

My dad said with the whole missile thing “seems like more are alive than dead” which is pretty true tbh. I’m not one for killing off main characters but it seems likely one of them would have been killed in the incident. If it were the real world.

Indra was trapped then got free and Kane was trapped with a spike in him and I think they were just about to be saved.

Clarke thought someone was in the woods to kill her but it was just stinkin’ Lincoln lol. I was like “it’s obviously just stinkin’ Lincoln” and it was … you can smell him a mile away lol! She was wandering around with Lexa again.

Bellamy saved pretty much everyone because that’s just how he rolls, son.

I liked when he saved the random girl who the Mount Weather people got and she’s was all like “Bellamy! Thanks” and I was like “I don’t even know who you are random girl” LOL! because you just know he was thinking that.

Maya nearly died but didn’t thanks to Bellamy who came out that trash shoot like “it was like being stuck in a toaster for a minute there” LOL! I literally said that when he came out LOL!

Octavia saved some people too … only Clarke did the opposite by not telling them beforehand what was going down. Well, she did save Lincoln by shooting him in the shoulder to shoot the other guy, but he could easily get an infection and die in their circumstances.

Jasper became super badass! Finally … it was so cool when they all got up off the floor and started attacking the Mount Weather guys after putting the smoke bombs in water so it didn’t affect them. Smooth move dude.

Seems like they could really take over Mount Weather. 

Plus Abigail found out Clarke knew at the end about the attack and was ashamed I think. Can’t blame her.

I can’t wait for the next episode <3

Bellamy Blake // Bob Morley <3