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these pictures are mine i made all of these outfits myself on Polyvore! so please do not steal in any kind of way for any kind of reason or pass them off as your own or whatever else etc.! audrey-loves-ya-blog 

One of the funnier parts of college that I’ve found are the nerds who decided that now that they’re off at school away from their parents, they are going to cuss as much as possible. They try to insert ‘fucking’ as an adjective every few sentences as casually as they possibly can and then they look so smug afterwards, like look at me I’m a big kid now I can say naughty words and pretend not to get a huge rush of adrenaline from it isn’t being at college just so cool I’m so mature

anonymous said:

I. Pulling believe it yesterday when I went to one of my fav tumblr blogs(it no longer is.) and I read "well if Josh doesn't care about his caret why should I ?" And I was like WTF? Did we read the same article? He does care. That's why he went to CAA but he cares about the story and the character too. I can only imagine the millions and millions he made for the MJ 1 and 2. That Puts him in a position to say such a thing.

I’m sure auto correct got the best of your ask, but I understand what you mean. Not everyone’s interpretations of what he said is the same, but I respect whatever he chooses, as it is his life, right? :)

He knows what he can do and he’s been at this since he was a kid. I wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to rest. Everyone wants him to strike while the iron is hot and that’s great unless he doesn’t want to. I stand by him. He’s a smart guy.

Thanks for the note. And sorry to hear you were disappointed by your fave blog. Maybe it was just a bad day for them.

ugghghhghghg okay does anyone know what it’s called when a number is placed slightly below the base? Like if it’s F0, but the zero is smaller and slightly hovering next to, but lower than the F, like the opposite of how an exponent looks? Like if it Fv0, with the v being like the opposite of a caret ^.

I know in logarithms that number is called the base, as opposed to the base being the number being multiplied by itself in exponents, but I mean like, in using it in different notation, with F0 just signifying like the first F. Idk I’m explaining this badly.

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