A little feel good story to brighten the morning:
We have been in the hospital for a week whilst my daughter has battled a really vicious bout of pneumonia, made worse by her Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It’s pretty lonely in hospital even with nurses and doctors everywhere and people visiting. Being in hospital, as a patient or carer, tends to be lonely and draining. So, yesterday evening a volunteer for the Kids Cancer Project happened to pass my daughter’s door and recognised me. She hasn’t seen me for over a decade but she recognised me and asked the nurse why I was there and who I was with. Today she turned up with this teddy bear for my daughter and a really big, much needed hug. She was so happy to see me all grown up and leading a life that makes me happy. She was a woman who really stuck her neck out for me and remembered how upset I’d been when I thought I’d never get to be a parent so she cried when she met my little girl. It was pretty amazing and reminded me that some people really are wonderful. xx


Rescued Bear Cub Returns To Forest, Goes Absolutely Bonkers

By Ameena Schelling

This little sun bear has the best reason wild animals shouldn’t be kept as pets: her pure joy at being reintroduced to the forest she was taken from.

Like many young bears, Kala was a victim of the illegal wildlife trade. Her mother was likely killed by poachers so the little cub could be sold as an exotic pet. Fortunately, the person who bought her quickly surrendered her to officials and she ended up at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center (BSBCC) in Malaysia in January, already emaciated and malnourished from her brief time in captivity.

Kala quickly perked up at BSBCC, and carers began to take her out on forest walks in late February. The result was unbridled excitement.

Pictures show the young sun bear looking ecstatic as she explores her newfound freedom. Back in the forest for the first time since she was taken from her mother, the little bear can be seen biting at branches, exploring everything in sight and rolling around on the forest floor in sheer happiness.

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get to know me meme: favourite tv shows [2 / 5]

Doctor Who (1963 - present)

“everybody knows that everybody dies. but not every day. not today. some days are special. some days are so, so blessed. some days, nobody dies at all. now and then, every once in a very long while, every day in a million days, when the wind stands fair and the doctor comes to call, everybody lives.” [x]


so im on holidays and i didnt even do anything to celebrate with you guys because i was too upset about my bunny who passed away. but i dont think ive done blogrates in like four months so here goes

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