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PW has a good job listing page just for writers. It’s interesting to browse through whether you’re actively looking for a job, or just want to see what sorts of jobs writers can have!

We also a post did a post a while ago where former English majors wrote in and told us what there jobs are now. You can read that here or on our Writing Advice page under “Education and Careers”.

I regret being scared. I regret wasting time thinking I wasn’t good enough, that I didn’t deserve a seat at the table. You do belong and your voice is worthy. Say it to yourself in the mirror every morning if you have to, but don’t ever forget it.

Jenna Wortham, reporter, New York Times, to Buzzfeed. 39 Pieces Of Advice For Journalists And Writers Of Color.

Buzzfeed asks twenty established writers what advice they’d give to those breaking into the industry.

Here are the questions:

  • What piece of advice would you, as a writer of color, give to burgeoning writers/journalists of color?
  • What do you know now about being a writer of color that you wish you’d known when you first started?
  • Is there anything you did as a writer starting out that you now regret?

Read through for the answers.

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For Alexandra Thurmond (assistant to Teen Vogue's EIC), every day is an OOTD » 

anonymous said:

To know that I'll have to work for the rest of my life to pay bills with no time to do the things I enjoy and not much time for myself really makes me want to kill myself. How can I stop worrying about my miserable future?

Clip for context:

You can’t stop worrying about your miserable future because it’s exactly what you’ll have if you let it roll over you without preparation. Everyone will need to pay bills, it’s called the Social Contract. Some will be better equipped to do so than others, and will have more free time as a result. Those people will be the ones that are well-educated and hard-working. Some may even come to find fulfilling careers that they love. Right now, you have the opportunity to find something that you have some passion for and start taking the steps to pursue it.

If you have trouble figuring that out, you may want to talk to a career counsellor about taking a test to find out what your strengths and interests are. That would be a great start to escaping that miserable future that you’re dreading. Once you’ve started taking some steps and have some momentum behind you, that miserable future that’s chasing you will start to become a dot in the distance and you’ll see only great things ahead, but that’s only if you work hard and keep moving forward.

If you latch into something you enjoy, it won’t even seem like work! 

Also, you’re young enough that you don’t even have to decide right now, you just have to keep doing well at what you’re doing to stay ahead of pack; the inspiration could strike at any moment.

I know exactly how you feel, though. It can be daunting not knowing what lays ahead, but the only thing you can do is be strong and well-equipped when it gets here.

Sea Family loves you! The Future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one!

- Engineer Dave


A Nice View from the Office Window!

Kirk Warrington, Surface Compliance Technician in the BLM Rawlins Field Office, and Lynn McCarthy, BLM High Desert District GIS Specialist, took these photos on BLM lands in the North Platte area south of Encampment, Wyoming. 

Kirk told us, “The green tint on some of them is from shooting through window glass. When we realized they were not going to run we got a few better pictures. There were a total of 17 rams with two full curls in the herd.”