Tag game: give us 5 random facts about yourself and pass this on to ten of your followers. I was tagged by queerschtein!

  1. i have a disorder called associative prosopagnosia, which means it’s super hard for me to tell who people are by looking at their face (unless i spend a long time looking at it). IRL, i learn who people are based on their voices, hairstyles, scents, and accessories like a distinctive purse or jewelry. i am very, very good at recognizing voices.
  2. i’m in school for journalism and have pretty much always known i want to go into writing, but in high school, we had to do a day of shadowing a professional careerperson, and i chose a vet. i got to spend the day assisting with surgeries, and plan to use what i learned for a book about an asexual town vet and the eighteen-year-old transgender runaway he takes in.
  3. when i was a kid, my “bedtime movies” were jaws, twister, and jurassic park.
  4. i’ve been driving (legally) since i was fifteen, and i’ve never been in an accident or gotten a ticket.
  5. i have a really good natural hand for training horses, but haven’t been able to ride in several years because of college expenses. one of my main goals for myself is to start riding again once i’m out of college, working full time, and financially stable.

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