Time Management Secrets Anyone Can Use

Having trouble focusing on what you really need to do? You’re not alone. Here are some of the best ideas to help you declutter your life and make way for big, creative boosts of productivity: 

1) If possible, only check your e-mail at designated times during the day.

2) Take a few minutes several times a day to clear your mind and refocus.

3) Make the most of to-do lists.

4) Try to schedule stretches of creative time throughout the day.

5) Say no to every meeting that isn’t truly necessary.

6) Avoid multitasking.

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The Role of Women in Media Professions

Modernisation is constantly changing the practices of the workplace in terms of technology, health and safety in all types of industries. Perhaps one of the most significant changes in the journalism industry is the role of women in media professions. Throughout the past century, there has been a great increase in women’s participation in the journalism industry. However, there is still great room for improvement in regards to gender equality in the workplace.

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Tomorrow begins filming for season 6 of The Walking Dead. I got promoted to full-time staff this year.
A year ago I was still in school, still working at 3 minimum wage jobs, and still throwing weekly parties with my friends and family to watch this show.

Even though I worked on season 5 as a part time employee, it is all still very surreal. 

I won’t be able to post about it at all (as you all probably already know about how hush hush they are) But just know that the next 7 months of my life belong to the dead. 

Message Box

Q: How’s the design major going. what do u specifically want to do for your career?

Ever since I switched to design I’ve been happy with my decision. The difference between how I feel majoring in design and how I felt in my previous majors (managerial economics, community and regional development) is stark and leaves me no room for doubt about my choice. I’m genuinely interested in engaging myself in the field rather than just doing it for a resume, and it excites me to think about the future and how I have so much to learn.

But because I have so much to learn, I don’t feel like I’m getting the most of what I need in my major. I’m not learning very much because the prerequisites are either irrelevant to my interests (such as drawing classes or history classes) or they just teach the basics. I learn a lot more from doing my own projects in my free time, but it does feel counter-intuitive when school gets in the way of making time for those projects. So although taking this major helped me get my foot in the door, for the most part I feel like I’m just taking these classes to get an official degree, and otherwise I’m just teaching myself and putting in my own work.

Right now, I’m open-minded with what I want to do for my career because I’m still so new and inexperienced to everything that I just want to learn as much as I can to catch up. My emphasis is definitely graphic design because I’m not a hands-on, artsy-crafty person (I can’t draw or sew for shit). I’d like to work at a design studio that does branding and marketing for companies because I’ve visited some studios in SF and Sac and like the variety of clients that they take. I think it keeps life interesting to go through a bunch of different projects for different people and have different styles to take on.

I’m also interested in UX/UI (user experience and user interface) and want to make phone apps. But there are no classes at my school that offer anything like that so I’m going to have to teach myself… after I teach and familiarize myself with graphic design. Yeah, I got a lot to work on. It’s daunting to think about cramming so much on my plate in such little time, but I try to see it also as exciting that there are so many things to learn and do.

The greatest thing about having a child is putting yourself second in your own life. It’s a massive gift to be able to say that you’re not the most important person to yourself… that’s always going to let you down… The idea of, ‘I’ve got to get me right. I’ve got to get what I want.’ That’s never going to quite work. You know, life just isn’t that satisfying. But if you can be useful to somebody else, that you can actually accomplish. You can go, ‘I did a pretty damn good job today as a dad - pretty good - best as I could.’ That’s worth so much more, you know? […] If you can be useful — which means to somebody else, not to yourself — if you can be useful, it just makes you feel better. So I live in service for my kids, you know?
—  Louis C.K.
What Jobs the Signs Should Have
  • Aries:C. E. O. of a small business
  • Taurus:Volunteer at an animal shelter while working at a coffee shop
  • Gemini:Florist/Landscape Designer
  • Cancer:Real Estate Agent/Architect
  • Leo:Professional Chef
  • Virgo:Nurse/Doctor
  • Libra:Judge on a singing competition show
  • Scorpio:Psychic
  • Sagittarius:Literally anything that has to do with traveling
  • Capricorn:Teacher (for younger children)
  • Aquarius:Police Officer/Detective
  • Pisces:Lifeguard
Cranquis Mail x3: Changing your mind about pursuing med school

Three different readers (names withheld) asked similar questions about having a change of heart regarding their aspirations for med school. Their questions each have unique situations, and are laid out below the jump. But here’s my reply for all 3 of them:

Friend: You do you. Becoming a physician is not inherently “better” than becoming a physical therapist, an interpreter/psychologist for the deaf, or even completely leaving the world of healthcare and doing something else! Your desire and fascination for a particular job/career is what makes THAT a better choice for YOU. A “loss of interest” must always trump a “prior fascination” with a potential life-long career that has rigorous entrance requirements. There is absolutely no reason to slog on through the hell of medical education (studying, exams, rotations, residency… and all the financial/emotional debt involved!) just because of a Aspiration Inertia lingering from your past. And you are NOT a failure (to yourself or your family) for changing your mind – Life is change! Circumstances shift, interests shifts, and your personal evolution can cause you to eventually become “a better fit” for something different then what you were pursuing before.

Good luck to all of you.

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How to Get a Job If You’re Overqualified

Advice from career coaches:

1) Focus on how you can help the employer.

2) Edit your résumé to play down your managerial experience.

3) Promise to stay for at least a year and a half.

4) Don’t bring up money, and try not to be the first person to name a number.

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MBTI Careers

INTJ - engineer or surgeon
INTP - physicist
INFJ - teacher
INFP - writer
ISTJ - business coordinator
ISTP - military
ISFJ - office job
ISFP - artist/photographer
ENTP - lawyer
ENFJ - psychiatrist
ENFP - traveller
ESTJ - police officer
ESTP - salesperson
ESFJ - nurse
ESFP - performer

What Career's EXO Should've had
  • Xiumin::) Coffee barista by day, porn star by night.
  • Luhan:Suburbian Soccer mom who buys coffee only for the barista and most likely calls him a "stud"
  • Kris:homeless crybaby
  • Suho:Lame University Professor
  • Lay:?? !/? unicorn
  • Baekhyun:Comedian that sucks at his job
  • Chen:king of the world
  • Chanyeol:Mexican drug dealer
  • D.O.:teacher/satan
  • Tao:Model/Mokbang Star/hater of bugs
  • Kai:Dog sitter and/or Ballerina
  • Sehun:stay-at-home baby