Hmmm, come to think of it, how are my tumblr missions going?

MISSION #1 - make everyone ship Juri/Wakaba

Current state: THE MISSION CONTINUES WELL. I’m doing so well that I’ve gotten people to watch Utena for the express purpose of getting them to ship Juri/Wakaba (ALSO TO JUST WATCH “UTENA”). My converts grow, rose sends me cute stuff, someone wrote AN ACTUAL FIC, now I just need to find an Utena fanartist that I like who takes commissions so I can throw money at them to make Juri and Wakaba kiss.

MISSION #2 - make everyone watch “Slings and Arrows”

Current state: POOR. THIS MISSION HAS NOT PROGRESSED MUCH. Yes, I got space, which is a crucial win, but otherwise NO. COME ON, PEOPLE. How much Darren Nichols shitposting do I need to do here? Okay, but I have PLANS. I do totally intend to do that rewatch liveblog thing someday. Assuming my current liveblog project doesn’t kill me first. (you laugh but look at this past weekend. Look at that embarrassment.)

MISSION #3 - descend to the deepest depths of Gay Lawyer Hell

Current state: Look at my blog. Look at my life. I’m call this one an astounding success.