i also really liked aranea for that reason, she was the hyper-pragmatic morally ambiguous one, moreso than anyone else because at least we knew the other troll girls cared

she was basically princess bubblegum on terms of morality

except a lot more selfish at the end of the day, what with not having a kingdom and being eternally 19— oh wait theyre the same fucking age

I choke on my words.

I speak too much, but never what I want to say.

I tell you what I mean, but never how I feel.

I want to say something, but I only know how to write it down.

So I say the wrong things, or stay silent when I should say something.

My gestures are useless, my words are useless.

I can’t reach out to you like I want to, and I feel so useless.

I hope you can see past to my sincerity.

dragonsbreathingflowers said:It’s so liberating when you start learning that so many things you love and appreciated were made by people similar to you. White people have barely done shit, aside from lots of genocide and theft and war…that they won’t take credit for, that is.

It really is liberating. 

Sidenote: I know White people who have taken credit for tea. I ruffled some feathers when I said that White people didn’t even know how to wash their asses yet they wanted me to believe that they created tea. Lmao. Okay.

 White washing has given us and the plethora of their shitty offspring a warped view of ourselves and what Non White people are capable of. - K

Im actually convinced that that one post abt Tom Hardy actually being a dog who got turned into a human or smth like that is the actual truth bc have you seen this man with dogs???

have you???

i mean

look at this 

what is your secret

point is: Tom Hardy is actually a pup in disguise and its great

“Sometimes I wish I could bring myself to hurt you like you hurt me. I wish I could steal your heart and rip it into small pieces and only give you back half of them so you would always be just a little bit incomplete, no matter who you poured your love into. I wish the sound of your name on my lips was enough to send you to your knees and I wish that every time I ignored a text from you you felt it like a punch to your gut. I wish I could break you and turn you into someone who stops at the sight of another girl with the same shade of brown hair as me and pounds the wall with their fists at 6am because you just woke up in an empty bed with a cold space beside you where I should be.”

And then she laughs, completely devoid of humour. “But that won’t ever happen, because there will never be a day where you love me and I don’t love you back.”

She wasn’t laughing anymore.

—  The one who always cares just a little too much, 24/05/2015