can someone please remember that liam almost died and possibly has brain damage like what the fuck

wowowwowow playing birthday catch-up this is sorely overdue but I hope you had a wonderful birthday all the same! You always give off the feeling of being a clumsy but fiercely protective and mature older sister so I thought I’d change up your Mayor’s hairstyle a bit to match my image of you. Thank-you for always being so supportive & kind to me Aris.

Of what I can process it’s like

dudes we already knew the I love you would be shown as somewhat ambiguous, Danny Miller literally said that when we first found out the I love you was happening

Robert is not going to change as a human being entirely over night, he has started to show he cares about Aaron enough he would tell him something he really didn’t have to

Nope he didn’t say he pushed her literally but I’m pretty sure Aaron got the gist of what he was saying happened, that she fell because they were fighting and w/ the ~you know what she was like~ stuff (yeah Robert could not blame her at all if he was doing this all right, but how would he live with himself?)

It will always be on his mind how HE will survive and what is best for him. But right now he wants to get through it with Aaron, he needs Aaron and that’s not entirely selfless or thinking entirely about what Aaron wants or needs yet, nope. 

I think this is all very mixed up in Robert’s mind from everything that’s happened. I don’t think it’s any time soon going to be as clear as only saying he loves Aaron from a clear, calculated move to get away with Katie’s manslaughter/whatever nor is it going to be as clear as altruistically loving Aaron and caring about him above himself. Because it’s not that clear cut for him what he feels either I don’t think? 

I do think it was genuine that he loves him but it’s still developing love. 

There’s a lot that’s open to interpretation (and hella interesting fandom meta!) which is a plus to the ambiguity at least??? 

ppl be like “stop crying about zayn there are kids dying in africa” “care about something that’s actually important”

god forbid that i have the emotional capacity to care about more than 1 thing! can you imagine that!! 

We have a marine bio trip to Catalina island today and I’m looking forward to the food stop at panda express the most

so I’ve narrowed my choices on what to watch next down…

rewatch options are Veronica Mars (thanks rudennotgingr), Fringe, Orphan Black and Firefly (well, there’s a lot more, but I narrowed it down)

Stuff I haven’t seen but already have/can borrow dvds includes Lost Girl, Leverage, Vikings and the 100

(and d/ling for a later date the Musketeers and Gravity Falls)

anonymous asked:

If you bothered to check your fact straights instead of spewing that hater bs out ur ass you'd knew that key used to be called fat and ugly all the time in his teen years by labelmates and even the sm president. That doesn't excuse him being mean to other people but being treated badly certainly makes you bitter at the world and at everyone so it's better to contextualize things before spewing hate and labeling him a scum w/o knowing shit about his life or if he's changed now.

now for real in what post have i explicitly said something bad about key like when did i called him names/scum/ w/e cause u guys keep saying i bashed him and i keep “spewing hate” when i never said anything abt him like i literally just said “key has done this” ive never said anything negative abt him except calling myself keys #1 hater like