I found this darling vintage coat at Goodwill today and it made me happy because it looks very similar to many of the kinds that Ent used to wear back in the ’70s 💖💖💖


TSC Prompt of the Month: Tyler + Protection
“He was the one who made me understand how important it is to be part of a team; a community. Of giving yourself up for the sake of-”

people who mischaracterize stiles make me so angry ?/?? ? ? ? 

people who forget scott is a person make me so angry?? ? ? ? 

people who mischaracterize stiles AS sCOtt make me so angry ? ? ? ? ?

like i’m not even in this fandom anymore and the blatant scott erasure and the way people make stiles out to be this sweet and gentle unicorn who wants to save everyone makes Me So  angrY LIKe YOU ALrEAdY HAve a CharAcTER LIKe THat It’S sCOTt SCoTT MCCALl Is A PeRSON WHy DOn’t U AcKNOWleDge HIm MOre

i remember when paradox space was first announced and how excited a lot of us were for it and I was like in tears because omg yes a comic based on a comic, I can see my babes and they will be safe.  haha remember when I had hope

Having a crush on a boy is a surreal and horrible experience bc not only do I not know what the fuck to do, I also feel like my queerness is being invalidated and thats a p shitty feeling. I also feel like I have to make my queerness more subtle to make myself more accessible to men, which is really weird since I’ve never felt the need to do this up until now.

i wish youtube beauty gurus would stop catering to tweens & trynna seem relatable to them it gets so annoying & they end up being so fake but i rly hate it when it’s the wealthy hella well off gurus the ones that were born into immense wealth that do it & then start changing as their subscribers increase like i wanna see u rock ur designers instead of now opting to buy everything at topshop when u can afford better i get the whole low vs high mix & match but i want to see more of those head 2 toe phillip lim & helmut lang looks they used to do before 13 yrs old started to complain they couldn’t afford a chanel bag nor an hermes bracelet shut up can i see these wealthy girls show their charlotte olympia heels without everyone bitching about it like now they dress like shit for the sake of children plz stop who am i gonna watch now


Sometimes, travelling by bus for a few hours can be so relaxing and i mean look at that nature and the sky and feel the warmth of the sun gosh this is amazing


Can I just start this off by saying Bobcat is the sweetest man ever? Because Bobcat is the sweetest man ever. I felt so awkward going up to him and asking for an autograph and picture (I was so nervous I almost didn’t! I left the theater and then shuffled back in oh my god could you imagine??), but he was nothing but kind and obliging and was genuinely happy to do these things for me.

He was very soft-spoken and gentle, and I have to say this did not help my situation. He gave me a squeeze for the picture and I died a little (a lot), and then I died more when I saw he wrote “love” when he signed my VHS haha h a. I honestly haven’t stopped smiling, and I don’t know if I can. My face hurts. Help?? I don’t even remember what I nervously mumbled to him, something about being a big fan and that Call Me Lucky was amazing. He smiled at me and said “aw, thank you”. He also verbally spelled my name out as he was writing it to make sure he spelled it right which is just. So sweet. Everything about him is sweet, why is this.

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the human, ben howard

Okay. I’m gonna write a thing now that’s not gonna be so popular for certain people. By certain people, I mean the fans of Ben Howard.
I don’t know if people even are gonna read this, but I don’t care, because I need this to get out of my head.

I’m worried. Something has happened with Ben, and I want to talk about it. I love I Forget Where We Were. It’s a fantastic album. It’s raw, has pure emotions from the first tune til the last one, and honesty, but something isn’t right.
But I’m not gonna talk about Ben’s music. I’m not gonna touch that subject, cause his music will always be in my heart, it will always help me when bad things happen and it will always be perfect in my ears.
But I’m worried for the person, the human, Ben Howard. The Ben Howard who I saw the first time in 2012 on a festival I Gothenburg, a warm day in august, who talked to the audience, made jokes, and laughed, has in some ways… disappeared. When I saw him in November last year, here in Stockholm – I could see something wasn’t right. He barely talked to the audience, but when he did, he said rude things. He’s a human, he’s allowed to not be on top, I know that – but still, something bugs me.

MY PROBLEM IS that some people on here is treating Ben like a God, and yeah, sure, call him that, But you need to realise that Ben is a human, just like everyone else. He has a perfect voice, and the way he plays guitar is just marvellous, but as a human, he’s not perfect… (No one is)
People over here has quoted Ben from his interview in Q Magazine, so I bought the magazine and read the article and got… shocked and scared. 
Here on Tumblr, all people are talking about is his perfect quotes like: “The more we develop as humans, the more we get annoyed with other people”.
But in the interview, Ben doesn’t show up for the second part of it, he calls a photographer a cunt and flip his personalty in a total different direction in the middle of the first part of the interview and starts talking shit about journalists as a group of workers. In the same interview, later, the journalist talks with Ben’s manager, and the manager replies that he has resigned as manager for Ben cause he’s tired of Ben’s attitude. I haven’t seen one post about these events. NONE. And this is frightening me, cause there’s a difference between Ben Howard as a person and human, and his music, and some people doesn’t seem to understand that and puts Ben on a pedestal and ignores the bad things he says and does. 

Yesterday, Chris Bond said that he and his brother no longer will play with Ben, and my heart just broke. The Bond brothers has been in Ben’s band since the beginning. It was Ben, India and the Bond brothers. And now… they’re quitting. 
People are starting to leave Ben, and I’m afraid that India soon will leave him too. Maybe I’m just pessimistic, maybe I just imagine this, but something isn’t right, and I know that this will hurt his music. Or at least I think it will.
And I’m gonna write this, and people may call me a “fake fan” for it (But I can assure you that I’m not) but…

I love love love Ben Howard’s music. I care about Ben, I do, but I don’t love him as much as I love his music.