care bear

  • Tegan:My grandma and my aunt would get us things that we needed, like Care Bears. Not food we had that, but um anyway, I got Yellow Sunshine Bear and Sara got the pink one. And for Sara that was like, I mean we were pretty gender confused, we still are, but as kids. So basically it was the equivalent of getting a pink Care Bear for a boy. But not the kind of boy who would want a pink Care Bear, like the kind who would want like Lion Heart or Noble Heart y'know? And Sara freaked out! She flipped and she was just telling us this story backstage and my mum was like "I'm so embarrassed of you! You're so ungrateful," and Sara was just like *makes crying noise*. I remember, it was shocking.
  • Sara:It's basically like when people talk about how when they have a baby and they say they'll always love it no matter how ugly it is. It's like basically like I had my Care Bear and I was like "no, I don't love it".
  • Tegan:Yeah, and Sara and I-
  • Sara:I wish it was dead.