Daycare Diaries #1
  • Little girl:What's on your shirt?
  • Me:A pocket.
  • Little girl:I gots pockets on my pants... but I don't got any money.
  • Me:*tries not to laugh* Me either.
  • Little girl:We need to go buy some.
  • Me:*loses the battle to hold back my laughter*
PCRF Honors the staff and mothers of patients in the Pediatric Cancer Dept.

In honor of Mother’s Day in Palestine, the PCRF distributed small gift baskets to the women staff who work long hours with little support to care for our children with cancer, and also for the mothers in the department, away from their families back home and caring for their sick children. The Huda Al Masri Pediatric Cancer Dept. was named after a brave and strong mother from Palestine, who inspires today with her legacy of humanity and courage.

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Now following on to the next part of the visit, This was all about your beautiful face. I do already have a face routine from Lush, and Iona from the store knows this but my girl she knows how to change it up!. I use Vanishing Cream and Let The Good Times Roll.. and for my Facemask It’s usually the pretty blueberry one. But I learned I could use Enchanted Eye Cream as a moisturiser and Oatifix to help my sad dry patches. Along with mask Magnaminty for refreshing my skin and helping my spots. Bravo! Everyone got given a little sample to take home, love sample time. Tailored to what you need and want your skin to be. The Above photo is a little demo of Dark Angels for one of the girls in the group. Super good skin is what everyone wants.