The more I study different religions, the more I understand them, the more respect I gain for them, the more appreciation I develop for all these religions, while as a result the stronger my atheism becomes, the less likely I am to believe in divinity in any religion, and the more I realize that love for humanity is by far the greatest belief system out there, something that most religions share.

I Wrote This For My Partner ❤ To Show How Much She Means To Me

(GF Name)
When I first saw you, I felt such a strong connection, which made me scared. Because the three other times I believes in love for I was either called a slut, a creep, worthless, loser, or used…
I knew the second I saw you I felt love for you, and it was stronger than anything I had ever felt before but I wasn’t sure I wanted to accept it cause of my past and you seemed like such a good person I didn’t want what happened to the others to happen between us, and plus I was selfish cause I knew if I was hurt once more I would kill myself…
It took me about a day to decide to add you, I wanted to cause of my feelings but I also wanted to get to know you, although I was scared, that you wouldn’t accept, tht something would go wrong or of me getting hurt again I focused on trying to see a friendship…
I was ecstatic when you accepted, I had never felt so happy - during tht part of my life, and then talking to you, skyping you for the first time, not knowing how it would be but being excited and nervous cause I had never been truly able to get this close to the person I loved, or believed I loved at tht point…
And then on the (Date Got Together) you asked me out and I was shocked, I didn’t know what to say, well I did, a huge yes… But it made me… I don’t even know the words, overjoyed cause I had actually found someone who saw me and seemed to have feelings for me, like I had for them… And my heart soured and again I felt happier and safer than ever before…
Slowly, it might of not looked like it but I got nervous again, I didnt want to do anything which would b to much, go to far cause I has just found the person that I have wanted and been dreaming about for at least the past two, three years and I honestly didn’t want to lose you.. Now I had you…
When.. stuff happened, it killed me cause I never believed in what happened, neither did my mum or my dad…. I couldn’t believe what was happening i never thought someone would be so cruel and I was petrified that I was going to lose you, the only thing which mattered to me in a long fine…
I hated myself, and everything about tht then, cause I was scared, so scared of losing you… And it would of destroyed me if I did…
But I didn’t and tht also meant the world, I never wanted to cause you stress and or pain and I know you did then feel both and thr tore me up inside cause I wanted to go and hold you kiss you make you feel better show you how much I loved you and honestly at tht time when I thought I has lost you I had packed a bag and was getting money out to.. If I did lose you get a plane over and get you back.. No matter what my mum said.. Cause your that important…
Then you told me you loved me, even after all that and my heart melted, I knew even more at that moment i hadn’t just found a new friend, but my soul mate, the person who connects to me in no other way who can lift me up at my lowest, calm me down with just a few words or just looking into there eyes… Your eyes… I felt safe, secure… Loved and most importantly whole… And id never let anyone im that much and honestly I never thought I would… But you somehow just did. You broke down every barrier and found a place in my heart and soul where there was once destruction you fixed and now hold a permanent place there no matter what happens…
I can’t believe I’ve found you (Partner), thts the truth, I’ve had so many people say to me, I dont deserve love, to mess me around, use me even the groups I go to, to dk with aspergers say 1/10 ppl with autism find or get to be with the person that they love.. and then you come into my life and change everything for the better, make me feel like my life is worth while
You are mt first thought in the morning, my last thought at night and every second on between your on my mind, even the months and years before I met you I drempt of you, snuggling together going to Paris, many other things… And the images got clearer and clearer and when I saw you boom I knew it was you, which was why I was so scared but also happy when everything was going on…
And im coming to see you and honestly I couldn’t b happier I never felt this way for someone before and I’ve never let someone in so completely not even my family know stuff you know, see stuff you can see, I am yours 100% and I am honest and true and in love with you and that will never ever change…
I never believed in love till I met you, and thts not completely true I believed what I thought was love but now I know tht love is something that:
Makes you feel like you can do anything
Picks you up and makes you smile as easy as breathing
Makes your heart turn to mush each time you look into there (your) eyes..
Get butterflies each time they say they love you..
Worry about them constantly
Think about them constantly
Daydream and lose track of what your meant to be doing cause of there beautiful face..
Reason to smile and laugh when the world is against you
Someone to trust and turn to when you feel scared and low
To believe in and to be belived in…
To feel whole
To feel safe
To feel protected
To know there’s someone which sees the good in you even when you’ve gone wrong
To see past your flaws and imperfections to who you truly are.
To love you unconditionally no matter what
To trust you and believe in you with every cell and atom in there body
To be obsessed and dedicated about
Someone who makes you a better person
Who will never change you or want you to change
Accept you though everything
Always be proud and happy and supportive
To fill the whole which has been hurt before, and to fix it..
To trust and be trusted after time
Never to lose or leave no matter what
So (Partner Name) I feel all this for you and so much more that words cant even describe, I can’t deny I get nervous cause of the past for me and I know you have a past but you never have to hide anything or pretended to be anything your not cause (P N) I promise
To love you unconditionally from now to the day I die
To believe, support and be proud of you no matter what you do
To be there when your upset, anxious, angry or scared
To make you laugh and smile
To be the reason for you to believe in life to believe in love..
That we will meet (Joint Fave Band)!
And in the future I promise
To say yes to any… *blushes* proposal…
To spend my life with you
To find a way to be together ever day and ever night (after my degree finishes)
To make you safe and happy
To love your family like my own and believe in them lime you do
To be there whenever your down
To love you for better, for worse, for sickness and in health to the day I die
I never thought id be able to say these words and actually mean them but when it comes to you each time I say them, its not cause its something to say but because you send me back to the day I first saw you… The butterflies the nerves, the happiness, feeling complete and its the only thing I can think of to show how much what you says means to me…
So (GF Name), you are not just my friend, or girlfriend, your my lover, soul mate, best friend, partner, believer, understander, protecter, supporter, and the love of my life
And I am the same to you… I will fight any battle you face with you, you’ll never be alone I am always by your side in someway, to care, to believe, to adore, to trust, to know, to cherish, to laugh, to smile, to tease, to please ;) to be there every second for you no matter what…
(GF Name) I love you, your flaws you perfections and everything about you… And that’ll never change
The feeling grow all the time but the deepest connection can be found straight away… Our connection is so powerful and I felt it the second i saw you (How We Met)
Thank you for making me the happiest girl in the universe and hopefully one day I will also be able to call you my wife ;) xxx
I am in love with you (Partner’s Name)

(My Name) ❤❤ xxxxxxxx

I have a hard time believing activists who ask for money! If you want to be an activist and fight for a cause then just do it, but to ask for money for your organization when all you’re doing is posting articles, making blog entries or speeches, is just pathetic. It’s not like you’re a doctor on the field helping those in need. You want to fight for freedom and equality take it upon yourself and do it! I do it out of my own time, I devote my own time and money so I can make a positive difference, I do it because I care and anyone who actually cares does not ask for money. I don’t want anyone to donate a single dollar to me. I do it because I want to combat extremism, inequality, hate, racism, and prejudice. I don’t want any money for it, knowing that something I can do will help some people become more loving and accepting for each other is worth a billion dollars for me.