Only germans will understand this!

It all started a few years ago with the ex german minister for foreign affairs.
His english was very poor the least and he would translate typical german phrases one to one to english, and they obviously wouldn’t make any sense anymore. It became a hype to use them in english and these cards are a result of our capitalistic society.

These are one of my absolute favorites though!

The Holiday Season is filled with magic and light and all of us at Healing Crystals want to help you to enjoy these energies. We have created a special series of Holiday Crystal Energy Cards to capture the joyous atmosphere of the season. We will be posting 2 a day until December 23rd when we will post the entire series. Hopefully you can take a break from all the activity for a few minutes each day to enjoy each card and feel it’s energy.

Let’s begin with Moss Agate: Remember that Traditions Endure.

Everyone please listen.. this is my aunt Kris. I know I made this post before but I just got new deviating news about her condition. She has stage 4 cervical cancer that has spread to her bladder and kidneys. She is currently in the hospital because her kidneys have shut down and even though the cancer did not take over completely they are still not giving her long to live.. it would be so great and very much appreciated if you were to just take the time to send her a Christmas card. Seeing as this could very well be her last Christmas. Please. And spread the word. I just want to make what’s possibly her last Christmas a good one. You can send send the cards to Kris Allen Long , 155 Algerine Rd , Lansing NY, 14882 (Mailing address only) thank you so much.

Submit a pic of your dog on our submit page along with the name of your funny furry friend and title: MY DOG WANTS TO BE ON A CARD. Then, we just might GIF your dog into a holiday card that we’ll share with our tumblrs and you can share with yours. It’s that easy!