UPDATE: All cards so far! (as for 01/24/15)

The Fool - Phoenix Wright (trilogy)

The Magician - Ema Skye

The High Priestess - Maya Fey

The Chariot - Kay Faraday

Strength - Franziska von Karma & Adrain Andrews

The Hermit - Miles Edgeworth

Justice - Klavier Gavin

The Hanged Man- Calisto Yew

Death - Mia Fey

The Devil - Simon Blackquill

The Tower - Dahlia Hawthorne & Iris

The Star - Clay Terran

The Moon - Athena Cykes

The Sun - Apollo Justice

Judgement - Godot

In the making:

The World

Remaining cards (that haven’t been done and/or paid yet): 7 (I had put 16 hahaha sorry I’m kinda tired)

Interested in commissioning a card for the project? TAKE THAT for all information about them! You can also interrogate me (or ask nicely, which is a lot better) about the remaining cards and characters! 

I’m taking these commissions on those terms only until January 31st 2015. (it’s on the main info here) Which means you can commission me until that limit date.


Monster High Cards. Basic Part 1

by tanaka_joker on flickr


  1. # 1-1 Frankie Stein. Basic
  2. # 1-2 Draculaura. Basic
  3. # 1-3 Clawdeen Wolf. Basic
  4. # 1-4 Cleo de Nile. Basic
  5. # 1-5 Ghoulia Yelps. Basic
  6. # 1-6 Lagoona Blue. Basic
  7. # 1-7 Deuce Gorgon. Basic
  8. # 1-8 Clawd Wolf. Basic

Thomas Wood Hotchkiss, Jr., William Frederick Dix, and an unidentified student, all of the Princeton Class of 1889, play cards in a dorm room, ca. 1889.

Photo details: Historical Photograph Collection, Campus Life Series (AC112), Box SP14, Item No. 3470