Mango lassi attempt #2 (or #1 lol?)

Not failed but its not a mango lassi lol

I originally bought 2 mangos to make a mango lassi with. I made the mistake of leaving on the kitchen counter over night and in the morning one was gone without a trace >:/

Anyways I knew one mango may not have been enough but I didn’t realize how much mangos shhhrink when u start pulping them either lol. With tmyinsufficient amount of mango I added yogurt, cardamom, cream for body a lil salt for flavor and honey for sweetness.

The cardmom took over followed by the honey. Its good but the mango is so blended idk if i can even taste it? I think there is a fruit body in there somewhere.

I’m enjoying this tho!! - Imma def keep this in mind for breakfast. The honey and cardamom really compliment each other.