FINALLY FINISHED IT OMFG, Click on the little link below the pic for a higher resolution ;3;

My hand is permanently in the shape of holding a pen hahahaha


See this is why I don’t draw Cardinalstoph, because if I did then all the other Christophs wouldn’t take him seriously I mean look at the poor guy. QvQ

Ok I’m done drawing for a while byeee @v@;;;;;

So yeah, watching The Three Musketeers for the first time tonight really made me want to read the book because it WAS a very dynamic story and I would like to experience the story without the pithy dialogue and one-liners and French horses named Buttercup. However I did like the film a little bit. I liked all the swordfight/dueling scenes, especially after I learned they never used stunt doubles or fake swords. Christoph was especially good (of course), as well as most of the performances, the set and costume design was beautiful. Especially the real palace they shot in.