So my family is watching the game and they’re screaming through marshawns run just now and all i hear is my sister screaming I’M IN THE BATHROOOOOM. She’s so mad she missed the entire thing I’m dying laughing

From Mike Matheny:

“I was asked last night to give some words regarding the tragic death of Oscar Taveras, but I just simply couldn’t.

First of all, it felt like a bad dream that could not be real, and when reality kicked in, my words didn’t even seem to make sense. To say this is a horrible loss of a life ended too soon would be an understatement. To talk about the potential of his abilities seemed to be untimely. All I wanted to do was get the guys together and be with our baseball family. I know the hurt that comes along with buying into the brotherhood of a baseball team. That hurt is just as powerful as the joys that come with this life. Not to say it is even close to the depth of pain his true family is going through, but the pain itself is just as real. The ache is deep because the relationships were deep, and forged through time and trials.

To the many fans who have already reached out with condolences, and to the many more who are in mourning, thank you for taking these players in, like they are one of your own. This level of care is what sets our fans apart.

In my opinion, the word “love” is the most misused, and misunderstood word in the English language. It is not popular for men to use this word, and even less popular for athletes. But, there is not a more accurate word for how a group of men share a deep and genuine concern for each other. We loved Oscar, and he loved us. That is what a team does, that is what a family does. You will be missed, Oscar.” - Mike Matheny

Dear America, Your roots are showing.


Blacks do not have equal protection under the law nor are we acknowledged as fully human nor do we have equal opportunity.

That is the law of the land enforced in the streets by brutal police forces that originated in America as slave patrols. Their original function was to serve white men by protecting white-owned property and beating blacks down into a permanent underclass of servile people who only counted as 3/5 human.

That is still their function today. Policing, harassing, beating black people down beginning in grade school where they patrol the hallways and arrest black youth for simply behaving like teenagers, funneling them from the open-air prisons of the ghettos to the closed door prisons of a mass incarceration system where they serve as cheap labor for the corporations that run the United States of America.

And just like indentured servants of long ago, working class, blue-collar whites cling to white supremacy and white privilege as the one thing providing separation between themselves and the lowest rung of the US caste system. They work low paying jobs with no benefits barely escaping poverty, blaming other low-income people of color for their economic predicament.

Meanwhile, the wealthiest white men— the same 1% of the last 3 centuries— continue their daily meeting on Wall Street, New York City’s first official slave market.