cardigan corgi


Aw, Tempe is two weeks out from her three year old birthday— and I had a pretty neat question in my inbox about how butterfly noses (a mottled pink and black nose) on merles fill in over the years in some dogs. Often by the time the dog is five or six, the nose goes completely black. I hope it doesn’t, I love her nose (and it’s slowed down a lot in the last six months….) but here’s a quick set of photos to how her nose has filled in over the years!

Also, yes… she loves to dig. As you can tell by her dirty little nose in some of these pictures!


Yesterday miss emmathebean and I went hiking and swimming at a nature preserve.  We got super muddy and were able to clean off in the creeks!  Super thankful that emma’s mom took pictures of me!  Hope we can do it again but man I was worn out when I got home!