I have lived in Cardiff for 5 days, and I love it to bits already. So here I shall present to you …  *drum roll*

Ruth’s top ten favourite things about living in Cardiff so far : 

1. It is freaking beautiful, like the buildings that are the university and the government are just so ornate and in my opinion much nicer than those found in the centre of london. 



2. There are so many parks and green spaces and playing fields, and what’s more, people actually use them. You see so many people running and cycling or just sitting and reading a book in the parks, and you can walk through the parks to get places and people like commute through them and it’s cool. 

3. It feels really safe, it doesn’t feel like a scary city and I don’t feel threatened or nervous about walking about the city centre like I do in Liverpool or Manchester. It feels safer than Southport to be honest !

4. They are so determined for welsh to be everywhere, a lot of people from Cardiff don’t even speak welsh (especially not as a first language)  but still everything is translated and it makes me really happy. 

5. it is a small enough city that I can already find my way around a lot of the main bits of it without a map. And there are loads of signposts everywhere to help.

6. There is so much happening here, like I have been here since friday and have seen like three separate film crews, and another guy choosing locations for filming. And then there is the rugby world cup qualifiers later on in the year and the actual world cup early in 2015. It’s great :) 

7. Everyone seems so friendly, maybe it’s just the south Walian accents, but genuinely everyone seems really nice and they don’t seem to do that capital city “i’m far too busy and important to talk to you” thing that you find elsewhere. 

8. There are so many cool statues and plaques and historical buildings, it has a real history to it and it is embracing that. 

9. There are also so many new buildings and refurbished bits of the city like the docks and the modern arty stuff in the city centre and the stadia, so the facilities are great. 

10. It’s really studenty, there is Cardiff uni and cardiff met. so there are so many students around. which is nice 

anyway, I like it here a lot ! 


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