This was about 4 hours before Cardhalla would be destroyed. It was the last good look I got for it.

Build - donate - destroy. #Cardhalla What goes up must come down! This has been built over the past 24 hours by volunteers with donated cards. In just a few minutes,#GenCon attendees will tear it down with their change! All coins will be donated to charity. #awesome (at Gencon 2013)


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Magic: the Gathering - Card Cats

I’m sure quite a few of us know the dangers having neatly piled stacks of cards with a cat (aka ‘Agents of Chaos’) nearby.  Next year, I should very much like to see Gen Con’s Cardhalla being taken down by a herd of kittehs - so much more entertaining I imagine.


This was the state of Cardhalla, early on Thursday morning. I made sure to come back many times over the course of the convention to get an idea of the growth of the area.

Cardhalla is this really cool area where people can come and build card houses, structures, whatever, as large and as complex as they want. Then, on Saturday at 10:30, people come and throw change at the structures to knock it all down. All of the change is then donated to charity. It’s a great project. I did not make it back to the knockdown, but I saw it in its final glory.


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