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“Ricky Carandang is Secretary of the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office (PCDSPO) under the administration of President Benigno Aquino III. Prior to joining public service he was lead news anchor at the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC). An Ateneo graduate, Ricky’s first job was as a stock broker. He was named The Rotary Club of Manila’s Broadcaster of the Year in 2010 and served as Newsbreak Magazine’s President and Business Editor from 2000 to 2004.” -Rappler

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Join us on SATURDAY, September 22, 2012, at the Asian Institute of Management Fuller Hall! See you there!!! :)

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Batangas Adventure~

more of..FATangas Adventure!!! :P Joking aside…

After San Bulacan our next family adventure was in Lemery Batangas. I was able to meet more from our clan. XD I haven’t really met ALL from my father’s side..Kasi naman ang dami nila!! (14 silang magkakapatid tapos bunso dad ko!!! Tas hindi pa lahat nasa Pilipinas!! blaaaaaah!! ) Anyway.. graaah, I’m ranting na. Picture timeeee!

This is my Dad and tita Francia. :3 

Mga magulang….

Mga magpipinsan. :))

So this is my brother. Beside him is a dead goat. Yes, we’re gonna eat him later. The goat..not my brother :))

Baboy legs!!!

Yes, more baboy body parts and my brother approves. XD

Cooked baboy parts.

..and this is how we do it.

Yes, I know..unsanitary cooking..OR WITCHCRAFT!! :P

My brother approves anything in front of the camera :))

ANG DAMING CATSUP AT TOMATO SAUCE!! XD San nila to ginamit? hindi ko matandaan na may kinain kaming may kinalaman sa catsup or tomato sauce.. :O

Hello innocent sleeping little piggies.. :3 They’re super cute!! I wanna bring one home… But we all know that’s impossible.. 

I just wanna share my 7 year old pamangkin’s drawing :)) He saw me drawing in front of my laptop and he said he wanted to draw too. He really like drawing this red bird from Angry Birds :)) (that’s all he’s drawing…) Hahaha 

I helped him with the second one because he said the first one wasn’t a perfect circle. :)) So I made the circle for him and then he did the rest. :)


So yeah, another year ends in my journey. April 30 has come again on the calendar sheets, and I usher in a brand new year of this journey called LIFE.

As the title states, I’m already 19 years old starting today. Well, this April 30 was a bit different than in previous years. In the past couple of years, I threw parties for all my close PEEPS. However, this year I spent my whole day with my entire family. Since I’m saving my party money for the NBA game this October here in the Philippines. Because my team, the Houston Rockets will be playing in that game against the Indiana Pacers.

We went to SM North EDSA to have my birthday lunch at Shakey’s. Well, I didn’t ask for their birthday choir which they do on birthdays of people who dine on all their branches nationwide. Afterwards, we went buying a few clothing. Then before we went back home for the rest of the day. We bought some desserts like pastillas, brownies and ice cream to enjoy for the rest of the day. It’s a shame though I wasn’t able to take photos along the way since our camera has been lost and we can’t find it along our home for the past month. Though I didn’t get to spend it with other people in person, it was worth spending time with my family on my day. Add to that, I got a nice birthday win from the Houston Rockets as they won Game 4 against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Playoffs 105-103 to keep their season alive. I was watching the game until halftime, but I had to bail out since we had to go on that trip for lunch. At least, they got the win and no brooms were sweeping on my birthday.

I’ll take this moment to thank those who remembered my birthday with all the greetings and best wishes on Facebook & Twitter, as well as those who texted my phone for their well wishes. You all have played a part in my life and I’m always thankful to each and every one of you. One thing that made my day is that I was greeted by my “crush” as well as a good old friend of mine. It truly made my day even special. Sorry I can’t throw a party this year because like I said earlier, I’m saving for the game. I hope I can throw one next year as I finish the mission which is to graduate.

Of course, I’ll thank my family for always being there for me in my life from the start until the very end. Finally, I thank God that I made it through another year of my life, and I’ll always look up to you every step in my life. I’m hopeful that this year will be filled with a lot of blessings.

Danke! Merci! Thank You! Salamat!
19 years on, I still got a lot to prove.

OBPF Reader's Choice for Top 15 of Miss Philippines Earth 2015 (5th Update)

Chanel Olive Thomas still leads the OBPF’s Exclusive Poll for Top 15 of Miss Philippines Earth 2015.

Battle on May 31st starts at OBPF with this Special Banner

COUNTDOWN TO MISS PHILIPPINES EARTH 2015 Coronation Night begins as we give your our 5th poll update to who’s your own bet for Miss Philippines Earth crown to which its Coronation is on May 31st.


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Philippine Launch of Honor 6 Plus, Honor 4X and Honor 4C

Finally we’ve seen the next generation phones that Honor has been keeping in their coffers. Today, May 12th 2015 we stood witness to the release of their new flagship device the HONOR 6 PLUS, the Honor 4X and Honor 4C. Niño Carandang, Honor’s Unit Business Manager says “We’re bringing three new smartphones to the local market and we’re dedicating this to the young Filipino. The Honor brand stands by people who can make bold decisions and trust devices that have hig specifications, usable features and a very affordable price.”

The Honor 6 Plus

It’s a very nice handset that’s got powerful processing speed. It’s got some of the industry’s best dual rear cameras and an aesthetic that simply says “BEST!”. It’s got a 5.5" size but 78.2% screen ratio. It’s also one of the thinnest in its class at 2.8mm. Super vivid from any angle, this also has an HD screen at 1080p resolution at 403ppi. Aside from that, you get better resolution from Honor 6 Plus with its JDI IPS NEO Negative LCD Screen LTP Silicon, made to have 30% better resolution than ordinary IPS screens out there. You’ll see those images super clean, clear and sharp! 
The phone has got 3rd generation Corning Gorilla Glass so you can expect three times stronger, tougher but more accurate navigational screens. If you check out the back cover, they use a bullet proof grade material and some parts are mad of fiberglass. Pretty tough cookie in all aspects of its design. 
The phone also uses an 8MP front facing camera and a panoramic portrait mode, so there’s no reason why you and your friends won’t fit in the frames when attempting groufies! Having the 3,600 mAh battery can get your phone last almost 2 days. They say it can even last longer on Ultra Power Saving Mode. It’s also got a Kirin 925 octa core processor and 3 GB RAM and can kill the competition because most often than not, in this amount of power they’ll probably cost twice as much!
For those who have two lines, the Honor 6 Plus has got Dual Card, Dual Usage abd Dual 4G ports so fast connections would be a norm. Now how can competitors beat that at this price point? You tell me.

The Honor 4X and 4C 

Aside from the best of class Honor 6 Plus, they also released new mid range priced devices. This is the Honor 4C and Honor 4C.

The Honor 4X has got a 64 bit processor, a 13 MP rear and 5 MP front camera. It’s also got Dual SIM, great battery life and 4G connectivity. This means we’ll have 40% better performamce compared to other brands 32 bit handsets and donnes a 5.5 HD screen with 16 Million colors making all those photos and videos more life like, or even better! Battery wise, it can perform more by lasting up to almost 7 days in ultra power saving mode.

The Honor 4C is more of an entry level device. It’s got 720p display, a 13 MP camera, a HiSilicon Kirin 620 SoC processor running on 1.2 GHz octa core cortex A53 CPU, 2GB RAM, an 8GB memory (and expandable 32GB capacity microSD slot) and uses Android 4.4 Kitkat OS. 
The Honor 6 Plus is pegged at Php 17,490.00, while the Honor 4X is Php 8,290.00. The Honor 4C is priced Php 6,390.00 and will all be released on May 12, 2015. 

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What time is it? It's CHRISTMAS TIME!

It’s that time of the year once again, where every one is happy and in good spirits. As well as a time to remember, the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. It’s CHRISTMAS once again! Well here’s how my Christmas went down.

On Christmas Eve, we started the day preparing for the meals to be served by lunch and dinner, well I assembled the Lasagna we’re going to serve for our relatives. Then by lunch time, we spent our Christmas lunch with my relatives on my mother’s side of the family. Well, there were a lot of food aside from our Lasagna, there were also Kare-Kare, my cousin’s Chicken, barbeque, and a lot more with softdrinks to compliment. We also spent time with my cousins and relatives After lunch, we exchanged gifts. I got some cash, as well as a new 4GB USB that looks like Master Yoda from Star Wars and a new security wallet which were very nice.

Afterward a short stay at home, we went on the road again, this time down south to Batangas to spend Christmas Eve with my relatives on my father’s side of the family. After dinner, We spent a lot of time with my cousins and relatives there. Well, I was tired during that point, that I fell asleep. When they woke me up, it’s Christmas Day! and we went down for our Noche Buena. After a short rest, we went back on the road to return home. As soon as we arrived at around 4am, we made up time to sleep. We woke up in the middle of the day, where I came out and started greeting every one through text and on Facebook and Twitter, then we spent a nice lunch with the whole family. Later, we went for the Christmas mass at around 4pm. After the mass, we headed to the nearby Starbucks branch where FINALLY, I got to complete the 17 stickers needed for the 2013 Starbucks Planner.

 Photo ©Karl Carandang
As we arrived home, my younger brother’s girlfriend as well as her younger brother came in and brought with them their XBOX 360 Kinect. Where we got to try out some of the games, including Kinect Sports. I had fun playing the Baseball part of the game, but I suck at Bowling. Also, I got to play one game of NBA 2K13.
Well, that caps of my Christmas 2012,  I hope you had a great time on Christmas Day with your families and friends. May your lives be blessed with the bless and Hey! We’re one week away from ushering in 2013! I’ll leave you with this.


one year ago: with u.p. los banos officials, college of veterinary medicine professor & college secretary rina tan de luna and university registrar / college of forestry & natural resources professor myrna carandang (at University of the Philippines Los Banos)

OBPF's Ambassadress Angels 2015: THE Miss Philippines Earth 2015 OBPF's Angels

OBPF’s Ambassadress Angels 2015: THE Miss Philippines Earth 2015 OBPF’s Angels

With only 3 weeks left before the Miss Philippines Earth 2015 Coronation Night, I have been always thinking of who are really my bets for this year’s competition and so to bring it all up, I will bring it up in this newest feature which is the OBPF’s Ambassadress Angels. YES, this is the 1st ever awards that will be shocked by most of the beauty pageant fanatics all over the world and so, may I…

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Back in the province. Just like when we were kids.

Yesterday, our family went back to our province in Batangas to celebrate two of my cousin’s birthdays. One of them was celebrating her 1st birthday, while the other had his 7th birthday on April 28 (2 days before my birthday.) It was a double celebration.

It was a chance to catch up with my relatives and cousins with whom we haven’t seen in a long time for we haven’t come back to the province often this summer.

So yes, we had a great birthday party there. Great food and entertainment. My aunt and uncle own a restaurant/catering business there and their food is very good.

Then later in the night, we found our way to the WalterMart mall which is just a pebble stone throw away from the house. Me, my brother Andrei and cousin Paolo went on the arcades having a great time. Before going down at McDonald’s for some french fries and drinks along with my other cousins Ann and Trina who followed after. Before we left, we went for one round of an all-time classic board game Snakes and Ladders and after all the ladders that brought you up and snakes that brought you down. I won the game. Hehe.

Then, it was time to head back home to Quezon City. It was a great time to spend with my cousins and relatives. Truly, I miss the times when we were kids, young and carefree. It was a good feeling to relieve those moments for one more time.

Going back to my roots.