Hot like ice cream

Not Beta’d… the story is for my beta… uhm, I promised this a year ago? Two years? I’m sowwy. I should be learning or at least sleeping, but no, I’m thinking gay porn, all for you Boo. :*
That counts for something, no?
Kay, this is shit, but I told you in the beginning and I’m telling you now. If you want your brain to get damaged, here you go, have a read. Stephano and Joe.

I guess I must have had a brain freeze to be able to write this. Ugh! I told you I suck at this. Suck in bad way ofc.
Kay. At least this burden is off my shoulders now. 

Don’t judge

Hot Like Ice cream

Ice. Icy. I look around and shudder at each blow if the refrigerator.


This situation is similar to any dream of a 5-year old child. Hell! Anyone dreams about being in a room filled with delicious ice cream. But right now, it isn’t. Because I’m sure the cold air hitting me in the face and slowly invading my lungs are very much real.

I ended up here a couple of hours ago. I came here, to the ice cream factory, expecting some Williy Wonka to guide us through it, instead me and my family had to walk to the gray factory where ice cream was made without being able to see what is happening. The machines just blocked your view to the ice cream. Anyway, I lost everyone when I stood in the main room of the factory where the biggest machine was doing its work. Trying to find anyone I ended up opening various identical doors. And I got into the room where a huge amount of ice cream is stocked. At first it was fun. That was until I realized the door had no doorknob from the inside… I’m locked in here ever since. The beginning wasn’t that bad, except for the temptation to eat of the ice cream. That didn’t take long though, the cold air that is getting blown into this room is teeth clattering.

And after shock one, there was shock number 2. The most sexy and smoking guy I’ve ever seen, right in front of me, in a lightly dimmed, cold room. Just looking at him made me feel warm inside. Not warm enough to stop the shudders through my spine, but enough to make me try to stop the blush creeping up my cheeks. I sat down, facing him.
He was clad in low baggy jeans with white and red sneakers. He hadn’t even tried to tie the laces. He had this bad boy image all over him. His dark black hair was messed up and his front lock covered on of his eyes. I balled my fist, resisting the urge to move the fringe out of his eyes, even though it didn’t seem to bother him. His sharp features were definitely a perfect match with his strong body. He wasn’t buff, but athletically built. It blended with his bad boy image. The look he seemed to go for was the kind that made you think he didn’t care about how he looks. Which seemed to be just the case now. And it turned me on. My eyes rolled from his body back to his face, only to gasp at the cold bright blue eyes, strongly contrasting with his raven black hair. His skin tone was olive but paled, most probably because of the low temperature. He smirked while just gaped at him.

‘Hello, there.’, his husky voice woke me up from the intense stare only to be hypnotized by his deep voice.

‘H-Hey’, I murmured while clearing my throat. This guy was making me lose my voice.

He smirked while shaking his head.

‘Stephano.’, he nodded. ‘ What’s your name?’, he asked.

‘Hmm? Oh! Uhm, Joe.’, I said all too quick yet too slow.

‘Joe’, he rolled of his tongue. ‘Nice name, dude. Way less complicated, you don’t know how difficult people think my name is… I’ve heard the weirdest pronunciations.’

I nodded knowingly. My surname is not as American as my first name. My origin made sure that I got to hear the strangest variations on the pronunciation of it. It was annoying as hell.

I felt his heated gaze on me. I don’t know whether he did it without knowing it, or on purpose but it made me feel very self-conscience. I looked at my loose bright red shirt, showing off some of my chest. I’m not the one to brag, but I have a pretty good physic. I’m short though. Like very short. My friends, mostly girls, always use me to get their boyfriends or exes all worked up. Except for my friends and family no one really knows I’m gay. They apparently don’t see it by looking at me. And it’s not like I’m hiding it, I just don’t feel like screaming it over the roof.

Thinking of it, it’s stupid people have this stereotype gays, being extremely loud and present wearing loud clothes. In that aspect I am very a-gay. The feelings I have for dudes, though, are very, very much saying otherwise.

Once I snapped out of my thoughts, caused by the sudden movement by Stephano, I looked up at the mysterious quiet guy. It’s true what they say, the girls, mysterious and quiet guys have this bad boy image all over them, whether they want it or not. And damn! He was very quiet –did I tell you I like, no love bad boys, come on! Everyone does-, his heated gaze was expressing a lot, but saying not so much. His eyes are like continue shielded. Not reflecting any of his thoughts or emotion, but very passionate at the same time.

Or it was just the coldness freezing my brain cells, making them stop working.

Stephano shuffled a little at his spot, when he seemed to be happy with the position he had he looked back at me. Something he had done the whole time. Instantly our eyes met and his shield fell for a second, giving me shudders down my spine –mind you, it wasn’t the cold air that was blown into this room from all the angles-.

He took off his shirt, never breaking eye contact. I tried to ask him whether he was planning to freeze to dead, but the words died down in my throat. All I could do was ogle at his chest. Smooth and a shade of olive. I tongue got dry and I wanted to lick his chest.
‘Then come do it’, he smirked.

I blinked and then blushed as I realized I actually said that. –And he heard me.

I felt like jumping in an icy lake, freeze and unfreeze years from now, that would make a great comic book story…

I felt anything but cold right now though. I might be sick, but I’m pretty sure it’s because of a certain guy stripping in front of me, showing off his physics.

I felt blood pumping to my face and my cheeks heated up as I struggled to break my eyes from the sight in front of me.

‘We should share body warmth.’, he said suddenly. His gaze heated and darkened at me.

God knows how badly I wanted to touch this guy.
God knows I didn’t know how to react to this proposal.
Stephano got closer to me and stopped on his knees in front of me.

Looking right into my eyes.

‘Off.’, he stated, licking his lips.

He took hold of the zipper of my hoodie and pulled it down slowly. I just waited for him to take my shirt off after and shuddered at the feel of his hands trailing down my chest.

‘Perfect’, he smirked as he looked at my flustered face.

‘Now take off your pants.’, he calmly said. My body was on fire at this point.

Giving orders was exciting him as much as it excited me. The bulge in his boxers was visibly growing.

I took off my pants and let him guide me on my fours. He sighed as he placed his big hands on my ass and grinded against me with his boxers still on. The anticipation was killing me and I moaned at his mercy.
He grunted at that and rolled me on my back. Attacking my lips.

He was dominating, clumsily, but aggressive. The fact that I had been turning him on so bad, made me confident and hot. My erection was reaching its limit and it started to hurt against the fabric of my boxers. I need him.

And I needed to let him know, he needed me.

I slowly slid my hand over his chest and went south. Into his boxers and grabbed his member firmly. He groaned when I started to pump him in a torturing slow pace. The dominance suddenly shifted to me as he helplessly grunted of my ministrations.

I pushed him on his back and pulled of his last part of clothing. Bringing my face to his cock. I finally got to admire his member, holding it with both of my hands. Indeed very impressive.

I licked my lips, wanting to taste him. His eyes darkened at me and I kept looking at him when I touched his tip with my tongue. I saw him groan and pull back his head as his hips went forward for more. But I pulled back. The power was overwhelming.

I picked up the pint of ice-cream I had opened in the beginning of me getting locked up.

I dipped my hot finger in it and got some of the ice-cream on my finger. I smirked and smeared the ice-cream in a line on the length of his shaft. He almost screamed at that. His eyes rolling back.


I brought my lips to his tip again, taking him in, inch by inch.
The ice-cream contrasting with the heat of his cock in my mouth. He tasted bitter, not unpleasant, but good, along with the sweet cookie dough flavored ice-cream.

I moaned at the sensation.

I bobbed my head up and down, sucking his cock. Playing with his balls, taking the little bit of cum in my mouth before swallowing it.

The next moment he attacked my lips, he stopped to take some ice-cream and smearing it on my lips before sucking on them hard. It was so good, I thought I was going to cum right then and there.

He got me on my fours and held my cock in his hand. Slowly caressing it. Then bit my ass and kissing where he marked me. He was so gentle yet so aggressive. I moaned at all his movements.

I heard him lick his hand before I felt wet hand wetting my entry.
The tip of his cock started to press against me and I felt him enter me slowly, filling me up with him.

I groaned at his size.

He took out and in again.

And again. And again. And again.

Slowly and then faster, till he reached a steady pace, synchronized with him pumping my cock in his hand.

His grip was firmer and his cock inside me hit the right spot everytime.
I felt my climax nearing.

‘Ohw God! Yes! Yes! Yes! Please Stephano’

I flexed my muscles as I felt the wave of my climax run through my body.

Stephano pumped into me a few more times erratically before I felt him spill into me.

I hummed at the feeling.

He stayed inside me as we spooned tiredly. He held my in his strong arms against his hot sweaty chest. He pulled our clothes on top of us as I fell into a peaceful sleep.

Who knew ice could get this hot?