♥ Fanime 2013 Randomness

I’m really late on updating since Fanime, I know this ;;A;;
But I had a really amazing time!  I made a bunch of new friends and was so happy to be reunited with old ones! It was really awesome~! I got to cosplay with so many beautiful and amazingly talented people, too! Kikikabuki, Yirico, and SailorBee I really can’t thank you all enough ♥  Our Adventure Time group went over so well!  And doing Sarumi was so much fun ;;w;;  I’m especially happy with our Military Jackets.  Kiki and I made them despite being states away from each other and we somehow managed to make them the same!  ((Not to mention, I had made mine a bit bulkier than hers, and she literally was able to fix that IN THE HOTEL ROOM in like 10 minutes while I just paniced like an idiot…dude I still can’t believe she did that like wow ♥ OTL)) 

All in all, I had a really great time with everyone~
I’ll have more pictures soon, but until then have this load of derp~ ouo

Happy birthday to Aline!

You are one of the kindest and most inspiring person I know, flying cool under the radar. I hope you are having a wonderful day and that you don’t get too homesick over there in South Korea. 

All the hugs and best wishes in the world!



P.S. I confess I didn’t know you liked Bert and Ernie but after I saw your post I tried to find this picture for you :)

So, get this. Today, caramellon​ and I decided to go out and have McDonald’s for dinner (like any proper adult would do). We were chatting in the bus without a care in the world, until we got off the bus and a girl said ‘hi’ to us. Being not a people person, surely we’re as lost as Alice in wonderland. Cut the story short, this girl is a PhD student in SNU and wanted to improve her English so she can go to school in USA (on second thought, after PhD what other level there is in the pursue of academic life? Oh well, probably she was planning for another PhD?), and she thought we could help her practice English. 

Well, that was weird. But nice.