anonymous said:

why are you attempting to get into the deep web? what illegal things are you trying to do?

I dont want to do anything illegal like i wouldnt wanna buy drugs or assassination contracts or whatever i dont have that kind of money i just want to be 100% privacy cuz thats the best way to be.

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I thought this was goinna be someone telling me something about why they dislike me but its just the same ask. Anon who always sends just a . what do you want? what are your goals?

anonymous said:

The fact that things like "they unfollowed me i guess that means we're not friends anymore" don't come across as manipulative or even as guilt tripping is really concerning.

why would that be guilt tripping. theres nothing wrong with being upset that someone doesnt want to be friends with you anymore or anything like that, and expressing those feelings on your own blog, where the person wont even see it since they unfollowed anyway. idiot.

anonymous said:

Defilak wrote 'I don't have a male body'... that must really offend you as someone who is actually transgender

both of us are actually transgender and shes 100% right. and i dont have a fucking male body either, im a girl because that is what i want to be and actively identify as and think of myself as and expect to be treated as. stop me where you disagree: im a female (agreed?) and my body is mine (agreed?) so it’s a female body (this naturally follows if you agreed with the previous two things). it’s a female body with chest hair and stomach hair and facial hair and a predominantly flat shape and these things cause sex dysphoria for me and want to change them through the use of hormone replacement therapy and that’s all there is to it. it is a female body now and it will be in the future and it is my body now and it will be in the future. it’s not “right” or “wrong”, it’s just a part of me. i personally want to change it to reduce the sex dysphoria that it causes for me. are we clear?

schol said:

Answer all the questions


pan :)


March:favourite colour

April:favourite hair colour & favourite eye colour

hair color probably black, eye color i dont particularly care
May:favourite manga & favourite anime

naruto and nge of course
June:favourite book

idk. the aklchemist
July:favourite song/band

dont have one
August:crush names

flannery, naomi, rune, theres a ton but i dont want to say them all only the obvious ones
September:instruments I play/ want to play

Piano thats it
October:favourite game

Final fantasy
November:if I changed my name, what would it be

sally probably or something else maybe
December:random fact about me :)

I like to wear skirts

anonymous said:

why did you choose a moth for your fursona? not judging or anything, just curious cos it's an uncommon/unique entity to pick

cuz i think moths are realy cute and that a moth girl would be cute and she is

anonymous said:

It makes you a fuckin pedo. U like a minor of any age romantically sexually any fucking age yes even sixteen u are absolute scum and no I will not unfollow u but I'll want to vomit when I read ur posts from now on u disgust me

Considering that I myself am only one year older than the cutoff age for minority are you sure that this argument is valid?

To rephrase the question more clearly, do you really think that ‘minor/nonminor’ automatically signifies a pedophilic relationship? I could hit you with an example of an 18 year old and a 17 year old, would you call that pedophilic then?

I just don’t believe that you actually internally believe what you are saying. And I want to point this out not to accuse you of being a hypocrite and therefore wrong, but rather to get you to rethink your practice based on your beliefs, which I think can be good.