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(2 of 2) I'm not going to try to argue my opinions bc I feel like everyone's entitled to make their own. IDK if Greg regrets/ever really meant his controversial statements, or if they were perceived differently than he intended, I never felt like he condoned rape, or a lot of the other 'charges' against him, but do see growth & positive messages today. Besides, Would you rather be judged on who you have become, or who you were?Anyway, I just wanted to applaud your mature &respectful approach

It’s very hard to say what Greg actually believes. 
Part of me hopes that he only says the things he does to be “edgy” and get a rise out of people. [I don’t believe that to be true but who knows I certainly don’t know the man personally]
He is the only one who knows how he truly feels about these topics.

And that is the problem.
He says these controversial things all the time without drawing a line anywhere. Nothing is off limits.
He mocks and claims comedy.
He preaches and calls it acting.
He sends the wrong message and confuses his fan base at every turn.
With such young impressionable fans listening to his every word, I worry for them. 
Being a teen is confusing enough without him throwing them mental curve balls. 

I would respect Greg a lot more if he stuck to making the videos of him dancing around wearing banana costumes and women’s clothing.  

I agree that it’s better to judge a person by their current actions rather then what they have done previously.
However there is a point where you have to be held accountable for your actions and apologize. 
If he were to show REAL remorse and apologize for his past transgressions against others there would be no problem here, but he continues to make videos that hurt people.  

Thank you for your message. 
We really do enjoy hearing from both side on this topic.

And thank you for the compliment.
We are a group of pretty relaxed people… we want to voice our opinion without getting nasty and rude.


Interaction engage!

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