On this day in history, June 2, 1835 – P. T. Barnum and his circus start their first tour of the United States.

1. Storefront on Jefferson Ave. with banner advertising “Barnum & Bailey the Greatest Show on Earth.” Next door is Macauley & Co. Millinery. Recorded in glass negative ledger: “LD/Streets-Jefferson.” Upper left corner of plate is missing. 

2.  African American boy sitting on a pony with two boys alongside, a man standing in the rear, another holding the pony by the harness, tents in the background. Barnum and Bailey.  Harvey C. Jackson Collection

3.  Large crowd of men watching circus elephants outside of railroad cars. Train cars read: “The Barnum and Bailey [Circus] The Greatest Show on Earth."  Harvey C. Jackson Collection

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

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