De Sakhnoffsky Streamlined Tractor Truck 1938.

Count Alexis De Sakhnoffsky (1901 - 1964) was one of the prominent industrial designers and illustrators of the ‘Streamline design’ period. His association with White Motor Company led to creation of numerous truck designs. Some of them were implemented in real life while other remained as drawings. 


Norman Bel Geddes, Motorcar No. 9, 1932. Drawing, blueprint, rearview and model without tail fin, 1933.  © Edith Lutyens and Norman Bel Geddes Foundation. 

It offered excellent visibility through the use of curved glass for the windshield and windows. The steering wheel and single headlight were in the center. The car featured a vertical stabilizer, like an airplane. The bumpers were made of chrome. More: Source


Most of the story takes place on a steamship, but ships are hard to draw, so i drew the car that barely shows up…. (on my defense, it is important and was on my list) I’m just randomly sketching at the moment, but Im starting have some very exact ideas about the overall visual concept, so expect a lot of philosophizing about it. 

the red was just a sudden idea, but it’s Theo’s car and he’s a dork enough to buy a red one.