Roman's Go Fund Me


Early this morning my best friend got hit by a car. He crawled all the way back to my house, dragged his body inside, and then went into shock. I rushed him to the emergency vet, where they said it looked as though he had a pelvic fracture. 

As of 12/11/14, we have had x-rays done and have confirmed his pelvic fracture. Our doctor recommended surgery as soon as possible.

I am in desperate need of assistance. I only have three followers on tumblr, but if anyone could share this link I would be very appreciative. My financial aid will not cover the costs of his medical bills, and my student loans do not come in until January. I know many of you can understand the frustration of never having enough to survive. And when an emergency arises, it is only amplified by the realization that you can’t afford to fix things. 

The vet said he is doing well, and is very strong. But he needs surgery and if we can’t pay the bill, they will put him down.

Please reblog this, or donate if you can spare it. No amount is too small. I really really appreciate it.

That is the link to the account I made.

Thank you, to everyone who helps. I am humbled by the amount of support he has received and above all else, so proud of him for hanging on and being so strong throughout all of this.

UPDATE: 12/16/14

As of today, a whole six days after the incident, the doctor’s noticed for the first time that he has an abdominal hernia. Despite my asking them multiple times to physically examine his abdomen in front of me, they did not catch this until the second x-ray. They ignored me and misdiagnosed him and we are now more desperate than ever for donations. The cost to fix his hernia, as well as the pelvic fracture is 3,000, and we still have almost 1,000 in costs already racked up from x-rays, medication, hospitalization fees and more.

I beg anyone who is able, please reblog and donate if you can. If there are any blogs that you know of with a large audience, please send them personal messages asking them to share this as well, because that is how I was able to spread it around originally. I know that if there were larger blogs out there that could reblog this we could potentially raise the funds. I have updated the gofundme with more information about what happened if you want to read more. Thank you to everyone who has helped Roman, I am absolutely amazed that he has managed so well to now, and I hope that he can hold on just a little longer. 


UPDATE: 12/18/14

Roman had his surgery this morning, and is in recovery right now at the hospital. I was able to visit him, and he looks as though he is doing worlds better. I want to thank everyone who has followed and shared our story this past week, I am in awe of the generosity and support from so many strangers, and I will never be able to thank you all enough. For now, I hope for his strong recovery, and I hope that should anyone else need assistance in saving a pet, they keep donations in mind as a resource. Without them, I may have lost my friend. 

I hate to impose but I got hit by a car and well basically buying things like medicine is expensive so if you wanna donate to me theres a donate button on the blog and itd be really cool. idk sorry. also if you need help please send me an ask or fanmail with a link to your donate post/or any other form of help post and i will always get it on the blog when i see it. if i havent yet i apologize ive just been hurting and stuff.


Two things have happened that affect what I have for sale in my store:

1. The printer that makes my giclee prints for me is having printer issues. So, there is a delay on getting the art printed right now.

2. I just had my initial Speech Therapy session. Good News is, she didn’t think the concussion I sustained in the accident *seemed* that bad. Bad News is, there’s no way to really tell and I will have at least 4 more sessions with her this month and possibly more in the new year.

Nbr. 2 is making me nervous because I have my first Physical Therapy session tomorrow and I don’t know how many of those I’ll have to go to.

So. The giclee print presale will continue until I hear back from my printer and I’m also taking on ink drawing commissions to help cover the increasing medical bills. If all my followers could buy, commission, or pass this information along to help me try and cover my medical expenses from this car accident* for the month, I’d be greatly appreciative for it. Ink Drawing commissions will be $25, same as all the ink drawings currently up for sale. The giclee prints are $30. Link to my Storenvy shop for more details on what I already have up for sale.

As it has been since I woke up in ICU back in July, all art sales go to help with the medical bills. Which, unfortunately, don’t seem to be slowing down the further away from the accident I get. Unlike myself physically and mentally the further away from the accident I get.

Any kind of help is appreciated. If you can’t buy/commission art, spreading the word around helps just as much.

Thank you.

*If you don’t know what happened: I was in a pretty severe car accident at the end of July this year. The head trauma I received was bad enough to cause amnesia, mild dementia and a mild mood disorder, so I don’t know what happened. Here’s a quick rundown of the accident and the following legal bullshit I had to go through. Long story short, I was told I shouldn’t have survived the accident, let alone be walking and talking. Right now, the two main injuries I’m still dealing with are the ones that affect my walking and talking: both ankles were broken, was in a wheelchair for 2.5 months, have been walking without braces on for 1 month & the post concussion syndrome.

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So its been 2 weeks since this took place, that’s my car. I fucked up real bad. Was in icu for 2 days and in the hospital for a week. When my friend asked to ride in the ambulance they told her no cause they don’t think I’ll make it. Friends still upset with me, facing some legal shit but I’m still alive. This is a big road block in my life and its going by slowly. That is my car.. don’t drink and drive please, it’s not worth it.