Gogo dancers in L'ARC-Paris night club, located just in front of the famous “Arc de Triomphe” in March 2013. Photo by Capucine Granier-Deferre. This print and many more are on auction as part of this year’s Chris Hondros Fund Benefit. Place your bids via

The Chris Hondros Fund was created to honor Getty Images photojournalist and two-time Pulitzer finalist Chris Hondros, who was killed April 20, 2011, in a mortar attack in Misrata, Libya. CHF advances the work of photojournalists who espouse his legacy and vision, and sponsors fellowships and programs that bring shared human experiences into the public eye. Read more on the Chris Hondros Fund website.

Okay, Imma be honest, Capucine is like my least favorite character ever. If given the chance to do it and get away with it, I would punch her in the babymaker.

THAT BEING SAID, I feel really bad that she’s most likely having a panic attack in the episode. My heart dropped.

Having been through a mild one myself recently I totes feel her. I just want to give her a hug and stroke her hair telling her everything is gonna be alright ; o;

I want more female friendship bonding D: *makes grabby hands*