You’re a special one, Brisbane. Only a few more days to get your submission into @yellow_au “Capture the Cover” competition. Us Brisbane IGers (#igersbrisbane), we have until the 22nd, so just tag @yellow_au and #capturethecover on any photo that is original, and your local region on to Instagram! $60,000 of prizes to be won, AND a chance that your photo is on the cover of Yellow Page’s book! 😁👍 <sp> (at Brisbane)

Ahh, I just love the moment of excitement you get when your photo is featured! Ever since I’ve started perusing this hobby, my popularity has increase significantly, and being featured relatively often just motivates me more! Thank you all for the likes, comments and support! #capturethecover @yellow_au

Happy world photography day. Here is an image for #capturethecover . Make sure you check out this awesome competition to get your photo on to the cover of your local yellow pages. This one was taken at Cronulla.

Don’t worry, Brisbane. I haven’t forgotten about you. (Referring to the lack of images I’ve uploaded from my home city).

Have any of you Aussies gotten your hands on the latest Yellow Page’s book?! You’ll see spectacular images displayed on the covers of all the unique locations @yellow_au distributes! All from the Capture the Cover competition. Will get my hands on the book shortly, and make a flipagram of all the winning images soon! <sp> #capturethecover (at Story Bridge)

Brisbaneers, upload your photo to Yellow Page’s “Capture the Cover” comp for your chance to win incredible prizes! Competition ends today!! Upload your local and original photo on Instagram and tag @yellow_au #capturethecover <sp> (at Story Bridge)

Pacific motorway from Victoria Bridge @australia remember, for your chance to win amazing prizes, and a chance for your photo to be on the cover of Yellow Page’s next edition, take a photo of your local area, and upload it to Instagram! Tag @yellow_au #capturethecover for your chance! Use your best perspective! Check capture the cover website for more details! <sp>

B&W Brisbane! Remember, if you want to have a chance to get your own photo on the cover of Yellow Pages, be sure to upload your photo and tag @yellow_au an tag #capturethecover!! There are awesome prizes that you can win!

Okay guys, how would you like to have YOUR own image up on the cover of Yellow Pages? @yellow_au are holding a competition, asking for locals to upload an image of their region, in the theme of only locals would know! So make sure you hash tag #capturethecover and tag @yellow_au as well as the location of your photo! You could win!! 😝 <SP> (at Story Bridge)

3 days left to submit your photo to Yellow Page’s “Capture the Cover” competition! Take or upload a photo in your local area, and tag @yellow_au #capturethecover onto Instagram! $60,000 worth of shared prizes, and the chance to get your photo to be on Yellow Page’s cover! <sp>

Only a short time left to get your submission into Yellow Page’s “Capture the Cover” competition! In the theme of “Only locals know…”, upload your best, original and local shot to Instagram by tagging @yellow_au #capturethecover for your chance! For an even better chance, upload as many photos as possible 😜 this is definitely a favourite submission I’ve posted! <sp> (at Kangaroo Point)

I’d love to see the Story Bridge have some sort of light show, hey @brisbanecity? 😉 anyway, for a chance to win a shared price of $60,000, take an image of your favorite local place, and in the theme of Only Locals Know, and you could win great prizes! Tag @yellow_au #capturethecover for your chance. Check out for details, too! 😜😝😜😜😜 <sp> (at Story Bridge)