batteurquest replied to your postcan we talk about this issue that tumblr has where…

That fucking post where some guy yelled at his girlfriend for not making dinner and she stabbed him and people think he deserved it. Just the fact he was mad at her for not cooking makes the fact he was almost murdered completely okay. Fuck this site

there is no denying that he was being a sexist douchefuck

but fucking stabbing him is not a proportional response


dersedreamer replied to your post “To the Homestuck fandom: If you haven’t read Hussie’s news on his…”

It’s been a good one that’s for sure. ;w;

yeah! and i’ve made so many friends and stuff


dersedreamer replied to your post “(all that said, i’m also ready for homestuck to be done)”

same ahaha but it still makes me sad ;w;

i’m ready for it to be done but i feel like i should make a statement along the lines of… “thanks”

things end, but good friends stay with you =)