The incredibly sweet caption reads: “Birthday Party - 2 AM Nov. 20, 1950 after finishing night’s work. George Eliades and Fred Murphy. They were singing ‘Happy Birthday’ when shot was taken. Arrow shows location of 'wound’ suffered in battle with the ladder. Circle encloses most important section of room. When sleeping, my head is between pencil sharpener and clock, so I can look right up at you."Available at

People who can hear, please do me one little favour.

Vines are popular here on tumblr. I would like to appeal to those of you who can hear and who would be willing to do so, to please caption/transcribe the vines/mini videos you might reblog, so that those of us who are deaf/hard of hearing may also understand and enjoy the vines/short videos. 

I can’t tell you how very frustrating it is to not be able to understand the usually quickly spoken skits people act out in vines. If some of you could please take the time to do this, (it would only take you a few short minutes) it would make the tumblr experience much more enjoyable for myself and most likely for others who have difficulty hearing too.

All you’d have to do is listen to the vine/video, and type in quotation marks/italics, what is being said in the video on the post and reblog. That’s it!! You could also possibly tag it with ‘captioned’ so that myself and others can find captioned videos/vines via this tag. (Or even type the captions in the tags if you would like).

I’d absolutely appreciate it!
Thank you!!

(Feel free to share to ask your followers to help out too)

UPDATE: Since posting this I’ve been notified of three blogs that caption vines! I’ve included them in a separate post for those who’d like to reblog :) Thank you so much to everyone’s who’s helped spread the word! x ~ 15/04/15

UPDATE: I just wanted to add that captioning vines also benefits people who don’t have English as their native language, those who can’t use sound on their mobiles at the time of viewing, those with auditory processing disorder. those who struggle to understand strong accents or lisps and even for those who are struggling to process information that day due to exhaustion. It helps so many people! Again, thank you for raising awareness and spreading the word! Let’s make Tumblr a more user-friendly, accessibility-friendly site! ~ 16/04/15

Want to help translate SciShow videos?

Exciting news!

You can now translate SciShow videos directly on YouTube thanks to the site’s new Fan Captions feature.

It’s really easy and simple, too. If you’re multilingual and want to help SciShow be accessible to more people, you can go to any video, click the “… More” button above the description, and choose “Transcript.”

From there, you’ll have an option to “Add subtitles/CC”:

And then you’ll be able to choose from the list of languages YouTube currently supports for captioning.

Then you’ll be able to translate, with the English captions available for reference. 

Once you finish your translation and it’s been submitted, we will review and then publish it, if it seems accurate and complete and all that jazz.

If you have any questions or confusions, check out YouTube’s guide to captioning. Thanks in advance to those who help out with this, and to those who help spread the word!



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How to CC YouTube videos

YouTube is a great place to watch videos about cats or history or random vlogs from british boys. Unfortunately for a lot of people with various disabilities such as being d/Deaf or HOH, it is not the easiest platform to watch videos on. So here is a quick tutorial on how to CC your youtubevideos to make them more accessible.

Click on your video. You will see the “video manager” button to the right or the CC icon in the middle just underneath the video. Click on either of these. They will take you to the same place.

If you click on “video manager” it will show you all of your videos. Underneath the one you wish to CC, click the drop arrow next to “edit” and click “subtitles and CC.”

You will be taken to a screen that looks like this:

Click the bottom one.The top one is the automatic captions that youtube adds, that typically are not very good.

From here, you can watch your video and type the words as they come up. The video will pause as you type. When you begin typing, the captions will start at that point in the video, and will stop when you hit “enter.” One or two sentences is usually a good amount to write on each caption.

The captions likely will not wind up in exactly the right place on the video. But that is easy to fix! Just watch your video when you are one with the captions. You can click the edges of each caption (the blue parts) to make them longer or shorter, and you can click and drag in the middle to move them to a different part.

This process does not take very long, and really helps out a lot of people. So just take an extra few minutes (depending on how long your video is) and make it more accessible to others. I’m sure your viewers will appreciate it!