Kung-fu snow leopard cub twins put on a martial arts show | Daily Mail Online)  The playfighting moves of these two snow leopard cubs show why generations of kung fu masters have taken the animals as inspiration for their boxing skills.

Leopard style, one of the so-called Five Animals styles of the legendary Shaolin temple, emphasises speed and cunning to overpower stronger opponents.

Like these playful cubs, the practitioner is never still, but dips and dives in constant movement, evading the opponent’s lunges to pounce back with powerful counter-attacks.

Of course you don’t have to be a martial arts expert to appreciate the impish grace of Central Park Zoo’s snow leopard cubs. Ms Samuni-Blank told HotSpot Media: ‘I was ecstatic when photographing this moment.

'I'm always very excited when I know I got the shot I was aiming for, especially when I try to capture a specific behaviour.

'Like children, young animals explore the world and their own body by playing.

'This playful behaviour stimulates the animals and encourages them to explore and develop their skills.

Please be sure to read the captions that go with the photos.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2615674/Leop-ing-action-Kung-fu-cub-twins-martial-arts-prove-not-ALL-snow-leopards-hard-spot.html#ixzz3IIibXAOJ 
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My 2015 YouTube Resolution: More Captioned Videos!

Below is the email I sent to a bunch of my favorite YouTubers to kick off my 2015 resolution of building a more accessible YouTube. Feel free to adapt this email to send to your favorite YouTubers OR if you wanna get real fancy, reblog and tag them! 

Hey friends! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a fun and safe new year's! I'm in the process of putting together my new year's resolutions and one thing that’s high on my list is getting my entire video catalogue captioned. So I wanted to reach out to some of my favorite and most successful YouTubers to hopefully get you on the captions train for 2015!


Pretend I’m this cat, begging you to caption your videos.

Not long ago I became friends with Rikki Poynter, an up and coming Deaf YouTuber who’s leading the charge to get more YouTubers to caption their videos. Here’s a video she did about Deaf accessibility that really inspired me, which is why I’m emailing you! 

Now maybe you’re thinking “but what about the auto-captions?” Well,YouTube's automatic captions SUCK. 

This is Ken using auto-captions on your videos. He’s HORRIFIED.

Unless you’re speaking perfectly clearly and don’t have any background music, the auto-captions are pretty terrible. So custom captions really are the way to go. 


There’s a huge Deaf and Hard Of Hearing community that wants to enjoy your videos! 

YouTube can now translate captions into hundreds of different languages! This is an awesome way to reach new subscribers who aren’t native English speakers! YESSS!


Nope! I’ve been using zencaptions.com to caption my videos and it’s only $1 a minute AAAND the first 10 minutes are free! They’re also super fast! I usually get my captions back in at under 24 hours. AAAAND you can write your captions off as a business expense come tax time! Sweet!

If you don’t want to spend money on captions, you can always enlist the help of your audience! Lots of you have huge super dedicated audiences who would jump at the chance to caption your videos for a shout out or some YouTuber swag. A simple video request or Tumblr post will no doubt have volunteers streaming in. 


Yay! Thank you! And look! You’re still in the running to becoming America’s Next Top Model YouTuber! 

Even if you can’t commit to captioning all your videos, if you’re able to start with just some of your most popular videos or your newest videos that would make a huge difference to the Deaf & Hard of Hearing community in addition to non-native English speakers who love your work and want to enjoy your content. 

Either way, thanks for reading and giving this some thought. I know many of you are super busy taking over the internet so I appreciate you giving my email a read.