Chapter 1.

Here it is. Fret not, I shall update regularly and swear to lofty heaven that I shall not abondon this fic. I can’t. It’s my baby.

Shadow and Light, on AO3 and ffnet.

Summary: Sherlock/Firefly crossover. Long ago, John Watson was a browncoat, fighting a losing war. Ten years later, he’s fighting to reconstruct his relationship with Sherlock, who has recently re-entered his life, post-fall. Needing transport off-world for a case, John soon finds his past and present colliding. (Set post-Reichenbach for Sherlock, and before “Heart of Gold” for Firefly).

I worked really hard on this. I had to read and re-read sooo much awesome fanfic. It was really really difficult. All that beautiful writing, all those incredibly hot Johnlock scenes.

But I promised captfangirl that I would put together a list of fanfic recs for her, so I persevered.

captfangirl is not only a captain in the US Air Force, serving in Afghanistan, she also LOVES Sherlock fanfic and leaves the best, most detailed reviews ever!

I have already rec’d a BUNCH of fics for this wonderful person but the list was getting ridiculously long once I asked other people to make recs , too, so here they all are in one place, in no particular order. also, if the author has a tumblr (that I could find), I linked to it. There are TONS more I could rec, but this post is already crazy long. Here we go:

echoes through time by chellefic: Sherlock’s mother sends him a trunk from their family home in Sussex, and there are journals inside, and … you wanted an ACD/BBC Sherlock crossover. Here you go (sort of—you’ll see). This is beautifully written and also full of longing and tenderness and sex.

Crossfire by AbbyBanks: BAMF!John has kept a secret from Sherlock.

With Your Crooked Heart by positivelymeteoric: magical realism AU in which people have a clue to their soulmate’s identity appear on their wrists and this is one of my absolute favorite Johnlock pieces ever.

To Sleep, Perchance to Smother Your Flatmate With a Pillow by linpatootie: Sherlock wants to do a sleep experiment—wonderfulness ensues. AND has a sequel. (I love linpatootie’s stuff—she writes with such humor but also heart; I used to be not interested in Mystrade at all, but she wrote them so well in her story Unlikely Connections We Make that she actually swayed me. Her Lestrade is divine. She’s written loads of Johnlock, too, so enjoy.)

Coercion by roane: This film noir AU is beyond awesome with Lestrade as the grizzled detective and John as the femme fatale (he’s not female, he’s just fulfilling that archetype). Don’t worry, Sherlock is in there too. 

Flashpoint by roane:  very short and very searingly hot.

In One Month by roane: BEST 30-day OTP Challenge fic I have read. She took the 30 challenges and actually wove them all together as a cohesive, integrated, addicting Johnlock fic. Also, one of the best incarnations of Mary Morstan ever—I think you will totally love her.

Actually, just everything by roane, okay? Here’s all her Sherlock stuff. And her tumblr:

A Study in Intimacy by doodle:  I’ll just give you the author’s summary—“People don’t touch Sherlock Holmes, not like they touch other people. Then he meets John Watson.”

House Rules by songlin:  Sooooooooo funny.

Someone Else’s Day Off and its sequel, The Great Tortoise Rescue by awanderingbard: Hysterically funny.

Amenable by resonant: Kissing, and then really excellent kissing, and then—

Beautiful Ideas by metisket: I *adore* this fic! Author’s summary: “Mike knew what would happen if he introduced John Watson to Sherlock Holmes. He knew exactly what would happen, and he did it anyway.” My favorite version of Mike EVER.

Multiple Choice by cypress_tree: A choose-your-own-adventure Johnlock!!! Love, love, love this—you make decisions and it changes the outcome of the story. Sometimes you get the simple, anti-climactic ending, sometimes you get the BAMF!John sexy ending, sometimes… (I may have re-read this a bunch of times to get all the endings.) Make sure you read it “by chapter” and don’t click on “entire work”—that would ruin the surprises.

On a Miserable Minter’s Eve by belovedmuerto: Oh, kisses. Like five different kinds of kisses, all wonderful.

belovedmuerto is one of my favorite authors and you could spend many happy hours reading everything she’s written. Here’s a link to all her Sherlock fic. Her series Experiment in Empathy and its sequel Experiment in Apathy are freakin’ amazing, just mind-blowing (AU in which John is an empath), but all her little fics are gems, too.

And death I think is no parenthesis by whitefang3927: Just discovered this author and am greedily reading everything she has written. Beautiful, lyrical writing, just stunning. In this one, each section is one episode of the show, connected to a line from an e. e. cummings poem, but even if that’s not your cup of tea, read it anyway. The insights into John and Sherlock’s relationship are beautiful.

And these I have not read but were rec’d by lovely people on the 221b group:

The End of the Road by JustineLark: Author’s summary— “After “Reichenbach Fall,” John struggles to understand what Sherlock would have wanted him to do and to find a new direction in life. Until one morning he’s awakened by pounding at the door.”

The Blog of Eugenia Watson by Mad_Lori:  Written from the point of view of a sixteen-year-old girl who just happens to be John’s daughter. (John and her mother are divorced and Sherlock and John are together and … well, read the first chapter, and if you like the set up, it’s quite addicting to watch Sherlock parenting.) Lori is best known for Alone on the Water, which is devastatingly sad and beautiful.

Not Yet Dead by castiron: Author’s summary: “Sherlock Holmes has long been fascinated with (and haunted by) the tragic story of his namesake cousin. When his nightmares about it grow unbearable and he starts seeing hypnotherapist Jim Moriarty, however, Sherlock begins to wonder whether he himself is his cousin’s reincarnation. Have Sherlock and the modern John Watson known each other before this life? Can Sherlock solve a nineteenth-century murder and prove the historic Dr. Watson innocent, and also solve the current string of oddly-posed unidentified corpses? This story diverges from BBC canon after “The Blind Banker” (or, arguably, in 1854) and from ACD canon on 4 May 1891.”

Murderous Imprint by MojoFlower: It’s an AU in which John hatches, fully formed, from an egg and Sherlock must teach him the ways of the world. I haven’t read it, but here’s the author’s summary: “Sherlock should be focusing on the series of brutal vivisections Lestrade has brought to him. Instead he’s distracted by a most amazing and unexpected experimental opportunity from the basement apartment of 221C. Will he figure out the one in time to stop the other? And does he need help in order to do it? An AU. Eventual Johnlock.”

Okay, Captain. That should keep you busy for a while. :)




captfangirl wanted me to remind you:

"If anyone’s writing about John in the British RAMC, I have no idea how that is set up and what that is like. But I do know what Afghanistan is like, and the Brits and the Americans eat in the same DFACs and live in the same B-Huts and deal with the same general conditions here—and the same enemies, lol.  And if anyone ever wants to know how an Army doctor gets shot in the shoulder,  I have like five scenarios for that, none of them pretty, but all of them possible. So if you know people writing John-in-Afghanistan stories, by all means, send them my way.  I’m happy to chime in, anytime! Hurray for fanfiction! :D

The medical career field is always its own animal, and the British Army is not the same as the US Army. I mean, some things are the same—how rank works, the chain of command, the officer/enlisted dynamic is the same—no flirting allowed from officer to enlisted, that sort of thing.

But the exact rank structure might be different.  I have no idea—a corporal is an E-4 in the US Army; but that rank might be an E-3 in the British Army.  Or an E-5.  I have no idea.  Anybody writing stories about the RAMC should definitely wikipedia that stuff, lol! 

Marksmanship stuff will be the same though.  Unless the Brits have different terminology.  My Royal Air Force (RAF) MPs at Al Udeid shot on our range all the time and I don’t recall any noticeable difference in how they described things, but you never know.   Some fangirl out there is probably serving IN the RAMC right now… we should find her and have her on standby, lol.

The stuff I’ve shared with you is probably good general knowledge for people with absolutely no understanding of the military at all (sorry, lol, your officer vs. enlisted question gave you away!) but of course I did write it thinking about John in a space cowboy future military organization based on the US Army/Chinese Army, not the RAMC. :)

But yeah, if anyone’s curious about this stuff, share away!”


captfangirl replied to your photo: Have an author do your bidding. Including this…

oh my god you’re all going to let me pay you to write stories it feels dirty somehow but I still want to do it!!

Not dirty at all! You’ll be a patron of the arts. Now go forth and bid! (not necessarily me, lots of excellent folks are playing!) Plus, I *AM* going to write you that sequel to “sorry i’m not sorry”, i promise, just as soon as I get out from under this pile of essays!

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAGHGHGHGHG omgShiny. no lie. This is so hot it just made my eyes water. I NEED THIS HOLY COW I NEED IT NOW. Where is it?!?! When is it done?? *cries*

Oh, my dear, it’s nowhere near done. Far as I can figure, it’s gonna be like 15 chapters and I’m on chapter 4… I think snogandagrope will end up having “paid” like .003 cents per word because I can’t make this not be huge! But you can always have sneak peeks if you want because I am incapable of saying no to you. :)

captfangirl replied to your photoset: Where in the world is John Watson?

I don’t think I can love this enough!!! <3 <3 <3

Oh, good, because I may make a game of it—where is John now? Tierra del Fuego? Juneau?

So, has anyone figured out where he is??

wiggleofjudas replied to your photoset: Where in the world is John Watson?

Have I mentioned lately that I adore you? Not having any sisters, I don’t know for sure what having sisters feels like, but I suspect it might feel like this. *boops John’s flower, just to piss him off*

I have two. This is better. ♥

(I love my sisters but, alas, we don’t have much in common atm and for much of my life they have been prolific creators of drama).

Also, pissing off John Watson is generally not a good plan. He is giving you a look. A look that says, “Hands off my flower, yo.”