anonymous said:

All these mafia guys play "Scabby Queen" (called Old Maid in the USA by the way) 'cause Luck is around. And Luck's a softie. : P - captainmagpipe

Eheheheh that is very true UuU
Although! Apparently the reason it’s called ‘Scabby Queen’ here is because the person who loses gets their knuckles scraped with the cards OR ATLEAST THAT’S WHAT I HEARD?? I DUNNO? I think I’ve only ever played one game where that happened so it may have just been that they really wanted me to have scabs on my knuckles :?

anonymous said:

Are you only going as Ladd for half the day? Could you tell me what times if so? Because I might miss you if I take a break from the con at the wrong time. - captainmagpipe

Aww :) I’m going as Ladd from the moment I arrive (around 12-13) until the moment I go to the hotel to sleep. So you shouldn’t miss me.