Short Carla Biography I guess?

Since Carla is an OC I should probably do something like this. 

Carla was born in 1757 to a British mother who goes by the name of Maria Nelson, to a father who went by the name of Charles Lee. Maria came to the Americas from Britain to escape an arranged marriage with a banker who screamed trouble. She met with Charles at the docks in Boston, after a few months of seeing each other they were married. That year Carla was born. 

At the age of 4 Carla witnessed her father and her mother fighting, her mother pleading for Charles to stop the madness after hearing about him manipulating Washington to burn a native village. In Charles’s anger he pushed Maria, causing her to crack her head on a table. Carla saw her mother’s death as a murder, though it was truly an accident. 

When she was 12 years old she caught sight of a fresian filly trapped in the freezing river of the frontier, abandoning her position with her traveling group she went on to save the filly, she called the horse “Belezza”. She raised the horse as her own and trained the mare to do amazing things on command. Though the mare will only allow for Carla to ride her, making the trusty steed impossible to steal. 

Through her teens Carla’s hatred for her father simmered, though she developed some anger issues along the way from long term bottled up feelings. One morning Carla overheard a conversation between a family friend Haytham Kenway and her father, talking about a rumor of a young Mohawk boy training to be an assassin to rid of the Templars, because none of the main Templars had a son to be trained as to do the same thing as the assassin, Carla was the only runner-up. Trained hard by Haytham she became an assassin sided with the Templars. Haytham became more of a fatherly icon to Carla and she seemed more comfortable confronting Haytham about her feelings than anyone else. She grew distant to her father though she still loved him despite his flaws.

"Present" Carla chooses not to use her last name "Lee" because she is scared the Assassin will overhear and put both her and her father in danger, so she uses her mother’s maiden name "Nelson" instead. She has grown a great admiration for horses and grew a natural way with them, taming even the most wild ones. She picked up her artistic talent from her mother who taught her how to draw despite the short four years they had together. Her sketchbook contains many drawings of her horse Belezza, a few of her father and one of her mother, which was drawn completely from memory. She is protective of her sketchbook and keeps it hidden to hide the fact Charles Lee is her father. The book was also a gift from her mother so if your character gets a hold of it she gets angry, however will not take the book away. She is also very protective and proud of her horse and gets offended if the word "nag" is thrown around to describe her horse. 

That’s about as far as I can go without interfering current or future roleplays ;u; 

The bare truth stared back in a form of disappointment.

Utter pain and disillusion were formidable allies.

Stark tremors followed the path upon which the bravest of souls would travel.

To venture forth would be a test of faith, to look behind would be a waste of time.

Gazing upon the despair, one could only believe there was to be no hope, but then, a small whisper within could begina dream of hope to be.

A whisper of faith?  Suddenly the truth has fallen and all that is left is eons of faith?  

To witness the fall of grace, the poor and weak and battered lives, all by self imposed misguided choices?

Slashing great white light flashes and soon falters upon my being.

Trapped am I the one who bleeds.

Misguided choices by scholars open voice do say, I am my father’s child, among the ruins of my father’s creed.

Yet by faith we live, by faith we strive for a better life, even when the bare truth stares back, into the darkest of eyes

((Finally getting over my art block ;u; <333 The poem is called “The Scarred Templar” Which I found fitting, made myself a wallpaper.))