THE ULTIMATE SHIPPER MEME [4/6] current otps
Emma & Hook (Once Upon A Time)


Happy Amurica Day <3 & Happy Birthday Steve~!

(I made it! I started this 11PM on July 4th.  I’ll just doodle a quicky Stucky, I thought.  I’m 13 hours ahead of the US, I’ll have plenty of time, I said.  it is currently 7:30AM and i am getting hungry…fml)

(passing out now)


So, per usual, I have a lot of feelings about this episode. In particular the scenes pictured above of the first meeting of Flint and Billy after Billy’s fall from The Walrus last season. I thought I’d go back to my original format and include some visual aids and gifs to make this ramble a bit more interesting!

Don’t mind me, just writing a jumbled, almost 3,000 word essay on about five minutes of air time… 

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