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Emma & Hook (Once Upon A Time)


Happy Amurica Day <3 & Happy Birthday Steve~!

(I made it! I started this 11PM on July 4th.  I’ll just doodle a quicky Stucky, I thought.  I’m 13 hours ahead of the US, I’ll have plenty of time, I said.  it is currently 7:30AM and i am getting hungry…fml)

(passing out now)

What if Emma is the one who brings up the "I fancy you" moment?

Emma: Did you mean what you said back there?  Or were you just trying to be funny?

Hook: Mean what, love?

Emma: You know what I mean.

Hook: Do I?

Emma: *sighs* Nevermind, just forget it.

Hook: Emma…wait.

Emma: What?

Hook: Why are you asking me when you know the answer already?

Emma: What?

Hook: You know when someone is lying to you, do you not?  So…you know, love(he points his hook at her)  You know.

He then turns and walks off to join the others leaving her staring after him.