captain-fancy asked:

oh gosh first of all, I love your blog<3 and just curious do you have yaoi manga to suggest reading? I just love the mangacaps you post and was interested ; v ;

hii thank you very much ; w ; ♥ tbh I’m really bad at yaoi names, I’ve read a lot of the yaois I reblog but I can’t remember the name of like 97% of them =_=’ I can tell you a few yaois I like at least, but if you want more you could ask my yaoi queen 

these are the only ones I can come up with right now gomen ~

  • Kurayami ni strobe
  • Katekyo!
  • Sailor Danshi 
  • Bousou Kareshi 
  • Kuchizuke wa Niji no Ue de
  • Porno Superstar
  • Seven days
  • Konbini-kun
  • Koibitogokoro
  • Harapeko Usagi to Koisuru Ookami
  • Hatsujou Kareshi 
  • Boku no Ano Ko
  • Puchitto Hajiketa
  • Kuchizuke wa Niji no Ue de
  • Ikemen-kun to Saenai-kun
Aura Fluff Day

Well, it’s the first of many Sunday’s we’ll have to get through until September. Chins up, brave little toasters, we’ll carry on.

Thank you to literally everyone who follows me for the ridiculous amount of fic I put out, be it good or bad, and all the meta videos I do over on midnightarticuno. Liking and sharing it means the world to me and all the tag rambles give me so much life. And thank you for sticking through all the other fandom and personal messes I blog about, because this is a multi-fandom/personal blog, no matter how many Once posts I slam through daily.

Personal thank yous to idoltina for being the best damn beta a girl could ask for (even when she has to gleefully drag me through edits kicking and screaming), for being my sane rock spire in an ocean of fandom weird, for infesting me with OQ feels and caring more about Regina as a character while I gleefully return the favor with CS, and patiently sitting out my rants about fandumb because she’s an angel who loves everything and everyone, and I am absolutely not.

Also to somanyfandomssolittletime for a) dragging me back into hockey, b) being a fabulous sounding board, c) deciding that “hey, after the secret santa we should still be friends” because I am not good at messaging people and she’s super awesome and it’s kind of amazing, and d) being a flawless writer who literally makes me cry errytime no matter what she writes. Seriously, it could be happy wedding fluff and I’m just sobbing.

I’m really bad at striking up conversations but there are a lot of fabulous people in this fandom who I absolutely adore. Whether we’ve spoken or not, there are things you’ve done that I truly, truly love and that’s why you’re on the list. I am probably going to forget people and I am sorry about that because there’s so many. You’re all so funny and kind and giving. So thank you for being you and making amazing edits and fics and art and gifsets, or the occasional conversations we might have, you talented pinecones: because-you-want-me, strawwolf, msgenevieve447, scribblecat27, this-too-too-sullied-flesh, killians-dimples, captain–kitten, liamsjones, flirtyhook, fergus80, passing-fanciful, winter-by-the-sea


Saturday 23rd May 2015 (Continued)

It was my friend Emma’s cousin’s 21st birthday party this evening, and as she knows I love fancy dress, she invited me along. It was a really fun and relaxed evening and it was nice to catch up with all of her family, who I’ve known since I was eight! I’m still amazed at the brilliant superhero cake and cupcakes that Emma’s aunt made, and I grew very fond of my Alice in Wonderland costume - I’d wear it every day if I could! 

When dekudani and I grow up, we want to be fancy pirate captains with a crew of Matadors who are also a sexy boy band, and together we defeat robot ladies in a dance off, and the robot ladies then join our crew.
In space.

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✈- Our muses on a plane.

The last person the brunette had expected to see on a plane back to Tokyo was Nariko. Browns hues widened in surprise when the girl sat next to her, making her slightly stand up in her seat as she took a quick glance. Turning around to the other with a big, fake smile, Oikawa gave her a small wave.

“Captain-chan~! Fancy seeing you here.”

Weekend Warriors

The first weekend Evelyn and I went “balls to the wall,” as they say. We wanted to do as much exploring as possible so we went to the Coast Guard festival and it was legit a blast. We met a lot of people, like the women from the Cape May Historical Museum who gave us these sweet hats and some chips. 

We toured the ships and took turns playing captain….

Enjoyed these fancy mango iced tea arnie palmies with fancy twisted straws!

Learned about beach torches from this guy.

We saw a photobooth, so naturally….