Ed Brubaker, ace writer of both superhero and crime stories, spittin’ some truth. Take notes, WB. Get cracking on those Wonder Woman and Flash movies. 


#lets just talk about the fact that no one has told killian i can’t lose you in hundreds of years #maybe never #and here emma is #letting down her walls and telling her pirate how she feels #and how scared she was when he was in danger #because she can’t lose him #emma has lost every man she’s ever loved #and been alone her whole life #and if killian died she wouldn’t be able to move on #so killian reassures her that he’s not going to leave her #that she doesn’t have to worry about him because he’s a survivor #they both are #and then when killian finally knows for sure that emma returns his feelings #he kisses her #and its passionate #and loving #and beautiful #and #this is the story of how i died


I watched The Winter Soldier today for the second time and oh man i drew that crossover BC THAT METAL ARM i couldn’t stop thinking about Ed whenever Bucky showed up ;;

At first I wanted to draw Al as Steve but then i thought.. wouldn’t it be great if Winry was the main main character?! I just loved the idea of her being the main hero, so yeah, i drew her as Captain OHMY and besides they’re both blondes with blue eyes

Also, in this AU everything what’s happened in the first movie of CA would be a whole different, probably Win made ‘the automail’ for Ed before they took him for the experiment,mb he’s lost his arm in some fight idK, the idea was so random, i just really wanted to draw them like that, but now, after finishing sketching it, i’m realizing how much plot of Captain America would be changed in this AU and how many characters wouldn’t be even included (such as Peggy bc Ed would ‘take’ her role partly too)