Home is Where the Heart Is, Pt II [Cullen x Trevelyan]

Well this took me a lot longer than I thought it would (I’ve been having a bit of a rough week lately), but I really, really like how it turned out. This is Gwyn meeting Cullen’s family when they visit Honnleath & also…him proposing to her at the end. I read more’d for length, obviously. Hope you guys enjoy!

The weight of the ring in his pocket was almost too much for him as the two made the ride to Honnleath. Even though he had nervously touched the pocket of hisrobes time after time again, the closer the couple got to their destination, he felt himself reach in and touch it once more just to make sure it was still there.

“Is everything okay?” Gwyn asked, turning her horse about face. Her head was tilted and a concerned frown washed over her face as she absentmindedly patted her horse’s neck. “I haven’t gotten us lost, have I? Why did you let me take the lead—I thought you said we were close.” Smiling, Cullen shook his head.

“Just excited and a bit nervous, I suppose,” Cullen responded, trotting up next to her. She playfully pushed him as they moved up a hill, revealing a large clearing. There was a small curve opening up into a quaint village that took Gwyn’s breath away. In a way, it had reminded her slightly of Haven.

“There it is,” he sighed, a smile growing as he could make out a small house surrounded by field outside of the town. Home. The thought seemed almost silly to him. For the longest time, the Circle was his home, then, Kirkwall…then Haven, now Skyhold. He glanced over at Gwyn, who was grinning.

“It’s beautiful,” she murmured, her eyes scanning over every hill and valley. “Can I guess which is yours?” Her eyes sparkled and Cullen couldn’t help but stifle his laughter.

“Give it your best shot,” he smirked, readjusting himself on his saddle. He’d talked of home plenty of times with her, mentioned the fields, the quiet that sometimes existed if his siblings allowed it. Finally, her fingers pointed in the direction of the cottage in the distance.

“There. That’s it,” she grinned, glancing at him for approval. He nodded as the two began to continue their ride side-by-side. It was only until he could see her nervously fidgeting in her saddle that he spoke.

“Are you alright?” She nodded carefully before sighing.
“No. Maybe? I suppose I’m just nervous,” she decided.

“Well, talk to me about it,” he encouraged. They were rounding the curve now; soon they would be entering the village itself.
“I don’t exactly have a good track record with mothers or sisters,” she mumbled.

“Well, not all mothers and sisters are the same—thank the Maker.” He frowned at the memory of Gwyn’s mother and sister showing up after Corypheus’ defeat. How they had expected something from her, how they had called Gwyn ungrateful, how they had turned their noses up at Cullen when he tried to step in. He hadn’t told Gwyn, but when he had “escorted” them from Skyhold, asking that they not return, they had spat at him that she was nothing but a blemish to their name, an abomination that would bring ruin to all things around her. It had been the exact opposite of meeting Gwyn’s father and twin brother. It was almost surreal that they were all a part of the same family.

“My family wouldn’t…they would never—they wouldn’t reject you unless they had good reason,” He reached for the hand that was resting on the horn of her saddle, his thumb gently caressing her skin. “Everything is going to be fine.” As the two rode into the village, Cullen smiled as he took in the familiarity of what was left of his town. That strange statue in the middle of the square was gone, but if he could pinpoint any changes, it was that Honnleath looked like it might have grown.

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C: Do you ever wonder what would have happened if you had not been at the Conclave? If you’d never become the Inquisitor?

I: Sometimes. My life would be less complicated - less dangerous.