No, I completely agree - I do think that Sebastian’s approach to that moment has to do with the WS realizing that whatever it is within him that won’t let him kill Steve is because of something far deeper than Hydra ever told him, namely to HIM. But Sebastian’s point seems to be that Bucky doesn’t know those facts yet; he doesn’t know WHY his mission means anything to him, or why him surviving matters - only that it does. But a heavy factor was also the analytical part of the WS realizing that there indeed seems to be a LOT that Hydra has been hiding from him, and he needs to find out what that is. So, thought process: save Steve Rogers (even though I don’t know why, and I don’t know who “Steve Rogers” even is to me), and then track Hydra the fuck down to figure out WHY exactly this just happened and I’m now feeling the things I am.”

What I was referring to is that we as Stucky shippers tend to project our own headcanons onto that moment and TREAT them as canon; convincing ourselves that that’s what it really meant because it makes sense, but we’re also sometimes forgetting that we’re biased towards the ship. Yes, something in Bucky had a feeling that he somehow KNEW Steve and had to protect him and not let him die, but from what Sebastian’s said, Bucky’s thought process was a lot more objective than we tend to make it seem. Which is FINE, until people start treating headcanons AS canon and shit all over others for having a different opinion lol then sometimes even I’M like, “K guys, you’re basing that off something that isn’t even actually canon, just your own theory… Don’t criticize others if you’re taking that stance”, you know?

It wasn’t so much, “I remember Steve now and I’m having all these flashbacks and memories and I need to save him because I can’t live without him and his messed up face right now makes me have flashbacks of this scrawny punk who used to get beat up in back alleys and I love him so much, etc etc”.. It’s far more likely - based off Seb’s choices for Bucky’s thoughts in that scene - that it was far simpler than that: “I have to protect this; I don’t know why. But I’m gonna save him and then find out why, because I’ve been lied to.”

Then my overall point is that I totally respect that for the CANON, but if I feel like writing that scene with a DIFFERENT thought process in mind, for the sake of the OTP, I can if I want to haha I just also acknowledge the fact that I’m making that creative decision based on my OWN created desires, and NOT based on what’s been given to us in terms of canon information :)

"The shortest distance between two points is the line from me to you."

A slight turn to his head, Spock responds with “a mathematically incorrect statement. The distance between two points can be measured using-“

Exasperated, Jim shakes his head, a fond smile curving his lips “Spock, just..” He trails off, holding out two fingers in a Vulcan kiss.

Something in Spock’s features softens minutely at the gesture as he reaches out two fingers to mirror Jim’s own. When their fingers meet, Spock understands the sentimentality of Jim’s words. Because within this touch, these two points of contact have crossed the line, connecting him with Jim.

I don’t think I’m explaining myself properly lol I’m not saying I DONT love Sebastian’s explanation - and truth be told, I’m also not saying that Seb is disparaging any of what you just said, either. I think it’s exactly as you said: the fact that there IS this inherent need in him that’s so inexplicable and the WS has no answers for in that moment (there’s no rhyme or reasons in his head for WHY he’s feeling incapable of letting him die) shows just HOW important Steve is to him. This is very evident - and this IS canon in the film, for sure.

I’m basically making two points:

1) That the thought process we as Stucky shippers often prescribe Bucky in this moment is a LOT deeper and a lot more subjective than Sebastian discussed giving the WS in that scene. We give it all of these layers on Bucky’s THOUGHT PROCESS (what Bucky was thinking in that moment, how he must’ve had all these memories flashing before his eyes, how he realizes that it’s Steve and what Steve means to him), when Sebastian’s pretty much outright saying in the quote that those WERENT the thoughts he had for Bucky in that scene. Therefore, our headcanons - to the extent that Stucky shippers push for them - are NOT canon in this instance.

2) BUT this is obviously fine! If we wanna write fanfiction, or metas, or draw art, or even just day dream that our headcanons ARE canon for the sake of our creativity or our feels on the Stucky train, there’s nothing wrong with that. At the same time, a lot of people in the ship (and this applies to ALL ships) have to be able to see that line drawn between what’s ACTUALLY canon and what we’re pushing to be canon based off our own bias. It becomes a problem when people take their headcanons and try to push them as canon, to the extent that they then judge OTHERS and talk down to them because they have a different opinion. That’s just ridiculous, and hilariously ironic - “I’m gonna act like I’m better than you because you’re not adhering to what I say is canon, even though what I’m saying is canon isn’t ACTUALLY canon; just me perpetuating my hopes and dreams and not being able to see the difference rationally anymore.”

I’m gonna headcanon whatever the heck I want, y’know? And everyone’s free to do that. But I will always be self-aware enough to know when my lovey dovey Stucky fantasies aren’t canon (which is practically ALWAYS, since Stucky ISNT canon), but being created just for the sake of the pairing. And I certainly won’t act like MY word is the be all and end all.. That it IS canon when it isn’t, and then judge or speak negatively to others who don’t agree with me.

Hopefully this makes a bit more sense :)


Okay seriously, I’ve never seen this guy get any credit, but check this out. Steve had just given his speech that Hydra had infiltrated SHIELD and Project Insight was their means of taking total control. Project Insight, which must have taken hundreds of mislead SHIELD employees several months if not years to get this far, and suddenly all priorities are reversed with a few words from the Star Spangled Man With A Plan. So when Rumlow marches in and orders this kid to go through with it, he stares him down for a good 20 seconds, demanding “Is there a problem?” twice in the process. Everyone else is watching in tense silence. This guy is clearly terrified and probably in shock knowing everything he worked for was a Hydra crafted lie, but he sticks with his morals and finally works up the courage to say no, not happening. This is everyday heroism, on par with the man in the Avengers who stood up to Loki when he ordered everyone to kneel. It’s sticking up for what’s right, even in the face of repercussions and knowing your actions alone won’t stop what’s happening. At least you had the strength of character to do the right thing, when it would have been so much easier to follow along and not make yourself a target.

Give this kid a medal.


But Aragorn, they don’t seem to want to fight for Frodo.

Very good input :) Me personally, I DO tend to take the actor’s input as part of the canon because they’re the ones who understand that character and their motivation best. Unless they make Stucky canon (which I just don’t see happening), Sebastian’s take on the MCU Bucky Barnes, to me, is gospel. Same with how any of the actors handle their characters - because they ARE their characters, you know? If Sebastian says that Bucky is feeling a certain way in the film, then that’s the way he was feeling, because only Sebastian executed that scene and he did it with specific thoughts and feelings in mind. But maybe I’m also biased towards this opinion because I come from an acting background, too, so I have certain views pertaining to characters and how they belong to the actor that portrays them and the very deliberate choices that make that character THAT specific character.

All my point really was is that I respect Seb’s approach, and I accept it as canon in terms of Bucky in the films… But since I ship Stucky, and Stucky ISN’T canon, I’m gonna continue to love in a perfect, oblivious little bubble for the sake of my OTP being plausible in my headcanons ;)


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Captain Swan Season 2 vs. Season 4

Thoughts on a Uniform

I was watching CA:TFA the other day when I had a revelation of sorts. 

I’ve made it very clear how much I hate Steve’s Avengers uniform. Everything about it is terrible to me. It’s super tight, there are like 17 unnecessary pouches, candy apple red boots and gloves, and oh yeah, THIGH ZIPPERS. WHY.

It’s in such contrast to Steve’s TFA uniform which, for all intents and purposes, is just a fancy flight suit. It’s made from a practical material, at least capable of withstanding a bayonet, as Howard says. There’s a bit of breathing room. It’s not particularly decorative in the way the Avengers uniform is – as in, of course it’s red, white, and blue, but it’s that way because different components of the uniform happen to be different colors.


The Avengers uniform, on the other hand, looks like it was basically painted on. It’s shiny, and flashy for flashy’s sake. Nothing about this feels practical:


I know that’s a behind the scenes pic, but come on, does that look like the face of a man who is comfortable in his uniform? In fact, Steve doesn’t look particularly comfortable once during that entire movie, but specifically when he has the uniform on. A lot of Steve’s discomfort in Avengers can be attributed to his recently de-iced state, (and some of it can certainly be attributed to the writing) but I think there’s a good case to be made that Steve absolutely doesn’t feel comfortable in that uniform. And here’s why:


The resemblance between Steve’s Avengers uniform and Steve’s Star-Spangled Man With A Plan getup hit me like a ton of bricks. And it makes sense, too. Whereas Steve’s TFA uniform is a direct result of Steve’s own ideas about the uniform, as presented to Howard, Steve’s Avengers uniform is a direct result of this:


Coulson’s the one who says he had input on Steve’s new uniform, and the movie makes it very clear that Coulson’s cultural touchstone for Captain America is his trading cards. Even after Steve rescued the 107th and started leading the Commandos, you can stand to bet that Steve in his original costume was the Captain America most seen by the public back on the homefront. The Star Spangled Man with the Plan was still the symbol, and he never stopped being so, even when Steve became something much, much more.

So here Steve is in Avengers, fresh out of the ice, trying to find his place in the world, struggling to fall back into line and serve his country and help people (except Steve was never really in line, ever, but whatever), and he’s presented with this uniform, bright and shiny and crisp and new, and he puts it on and it’s stiff and awkward and tight and what are these zippers even for, and suddenly he closes his eyes and he’s back 70 years, on stage, under the lights, sweating, all eyes on him, surround by singing girls in short skirts and ol’ Adolf creeping up behind them, ready for a sock on the jaw, and there’s that familiar pit in his stomach, that pit of embarrassment and shame and worry and you’re not enough.

70 years in the ice, and they’re still trying to parade him around. 70 years in the ice, and they still just want him to dance.