ABC’s Once Upon A Time is consistently one of SpoilerTV’s most popular series. IMDb users also rate it, with 117,907 ratings equating to an 8.1 average. Once Upon A Time has been on the air for three seasons, and its last season saw a strong increase in its episode ratings, with the season finale garnering the highest episode rating yet, a 9.5 averaged from 855 votes. All of its premieres and finales sit higher than their respective season trendlines too. From SpoilerTV

When the other avengers found out that Steve’s favorite pillow was in the smithsonian they asked for it back without his knowledge. They dealt with a rude man who said that anything in the exhibit no longer belonged to the captain. The next week Steve’s pillow along with other numerous objects “disappeared” from the museum. There was a small captain America figurine left in the objects place