Cursed!Killian AU:

Cursed Killian Jones serves as Deputy to Graham Humbert and they’re best friends. When Emma appears in town both of them are smitten with her, especially when she joins them as second deputy. Graham’s untimely death though puts a stop to the impending love triangle and brings Emma and Killian closer together. 

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I love your blog for all the Emma you post even though I don't like Hook at all. I just saw your post about Regina while I agree I wonder how you can root for Hook or even appreciate him.

Well thank you for putting it up with me even tho you hate Hook but let’ me tell you one thing.

Killian Jones has the best redemption of them all.

  • he takes responsibilities of his actions
  • no victim blaming
  • no forcing himself on anyone or anything as if people owe that much to him
  • he knows he’s the worse and yet tries his best to change, putting everyone else first
  • not looking after power, or ridiculous justice for his person
  • he actively works on protecting everyone he cares about and put them first before his own safety
  • when he recognized his wrong, he didn’t ask for witness or praise, he does it on his own without asking for anything.

He has definitely the best redemption because HE DID HAVE CHANGE, and he keeps trying harder to make that change happen. Killian doesn’t try to use his ex victims to prop himself up, or stroke his own ego. He still thinks of himself as the worse, but his desire to be a better man for the people he loves makes him try harder even tho he loathes himself.

You cannot say that he’s like Regina because he is not, when his revenge didn’t work out, he tried to change his path, he tried to turn his back to his WHOLE LIFE AND WAY OF LIFE just for the hope that maybe there’s more to life than revenge.

How beautifully selflessness it is to put Emma first and her whole family. People misunderstand that about him when he tries to find Emma, to help he embrace who she is, it is NOT TO GET INTO HER PANTS, it is for her, because she deserves to be happy. He isnt thinking of himself when he gives up his ship, he does it for her, knowing he can’t live without he and without knowing she is happy, knowing she needs her family and her life back.

Of course he wants to b with the woman he loves, of course he wants to be a part of her happiness, but he isnt forcing his feelings on her, he’s trying to make her see that this life she projects her said happiness on is actually a lie she keeps holding onto. He is trying to make her realize her magic is beautiful, that her past matters, He has been the only one to reach for her when people turned their back on her letting her leave if she wanted to.

He loved her at her best and her worse, he accepts her the way she is and that’s all, HE WORKS HIS ASS OFF INTO BEING A MAN SHE COULD BE WITH because he doesn’t want to go back to his old safe, he doesn’t want to be a monster he once used to be. But he does it for her.

He’s dashing beautiful because he is a brother to Charming, because he will help him without even Charming being much of help when it comes to saving his own ass and he wont ask for credits when he saves his life, because he isnt after glory or praises.

His redemption happens in the shadow, not in the spotlight because it’s nobody business but his, and it’s something he does alone, he would rather die than see the people he loves be hurt.

How can you not love him for being this beautiful hero? He was bad, an asshole and a jackass but his revenge came from love, his villainy didn’t come from him seeking power or being a psychopath blaming the wrong persons.

He became a pirate because he was fighting tyranny

He became Hook because he lost the woman he loved to a monster.

He became Killian Jones again when he decided to give Bae a good life, when he decided that Emma Swan was worth it all, when he realized his revenge was going no where.

He became a hero when he decided to help royals he had sworn never to help ever again, he became a hero when he gave up everything for his loved ones.

He’s a motherfucking hero and the person in the show with the best redemption ever.

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I will have the luck to see our dear Captain next June (aye aye ayyyyye!) at the Paris Convention. Because I don’t want to come with empty hands, and because I have a lot of followers, I decided that a fanbook would be cool to be done, for me, for you and for Colin. So here what you can send me and the little rules to follow to appear in it:

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  • pictures (i.e. your Colin’s favorite(s), with Colin if you had the luck to meet him, a picture of you with something Captain Hook related or making an eyebrow, etc, don’t be afraid to be original!) 
  • your favorite quote(s) of Colin (or/and Captain Hook)
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Deadline: April/May 2015

If you have any question, send me a message on tumblr!

Don’t be shy to participate! The more we will be the better the fanbook will look! (: Thank you! (and don’t hesitate to reblog to spread the word haha)

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CS prompt: "For a guy that's only got one hand, you certainly know how to use it."

A/N: Not specifically a smut request, but hey. Just a little domestic fluff, feels and smut. Set after Killian gets his heart back. Enjoy!

Lost and Found

Emma picked her way through the piles of boxes, trying to get to the refrigerator. She was hot and tired and in desperate need of a drink. She pulled out a bottle of water and gulped down half of it in one go. Thirst temporarily sated, she leaned back against the counter in her new kitchen, surveying the progress—or lack thereof—that had been made on her new apartment.

There were still boxes everywhere, in various states of unpacking. The kitchen was mostly finished; all they needed to do was get some actual food to fill it. She and Henry had been surviving on Granny’s takeout and pizza for over a week. Which was fine, but she wanted to get back into a little of the rhythm they’d had in New York, with her making breakfast every morning, checking in with him over dinner most nights. He’d been spending so much time with Regina since he’d gotten his memories back; Emma missed him.

But it wasn’t a total loss. Henry had unpacked his room in record time, then begged off, claiming Regina needed him. Emma suspected it was so she could spend some quality time with Killian and for that, she was grateful. After everything that had happened, letting the pirate out of her sight wasn’t something she was keen on. As soon as everything got back to normal, the three of them would spend some time together. Maybe she could get Killian to take them all sailing. Henry would like that.

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                            "I don’t make eyes…"                                                                                                                                     the story of a pirate and a princess.