#(not exactly the most glaringly obvious parallel & what not but) #absolutely ecstatic that killian #and emma (duh) too #went from oh-so-subtle hints about their feelings to each other #to straight up ‘YES YOU’RE SOMEONE THAT I CARE ENOUGH TO LIVE FOR ALRIGHT’ #it’s the confidence in each other’s feelings that absolutely slays me #*falls over* #(goodbye you can find me in the nearest trashcan)


There it is! So here’s the first video I’m posting…I’ll post the rest within this week! Enjoy!!


3.20 | 4.19 

From My happiness is none of your concern to I have you to live for  (◕‿◕✿)

My thoughts on the Killian “not being the one who helps Emma accept her magic/not turn dark” and how Elsa/Regina did....

Yes, Elsa & Regina were the ones physically in those two specific moments with Emma.

Yes, they said what she needed to hear in that moment and helped her out when she really needed it.

Is this bad? No. 

Would I have preferred Killian to be the one physically there with her? Duh.

However, do you honestly think Emma wasn’t hearing everything Killian has said to her/show her in both those moments when Elsa and Regina were basically repeating what he’s already told her?

If someone (that you care about) spends months and months telling/showing you something and then someone else tells you the same thing once, are you listening to it just because that second person told you once or are you listening because that someone you care about has repeatedly reinforced this idea for you?

So yes, Elsa & Regina helped Emma realize some important things. But they were only able to help her realize these things because Killian had already gotten her most of the way there.