If Kenpachi and Unohana were locked in a room...

As requested by anon. :)

[Need more of my "locked in a room" series?]

Kenpachi: So.

Unohana: So.

Kenpachi: Here we are again.

Unohana: Locked in another room.

Kenpachi: This means we fight again, right?

Unohana: Sadly, you made it impossible for us to fight anymore when you, you know, killed me.

Kenpachi: But talking is somehow okay?

Unohana: What? You don’t believe in ghosts? Even though you, a soul reaper, are a ghost?

Kenpachi: Oh yeah.

Kenpachi: Well, fine then. I guess.

Kenpachi: Thanks for, you know, helping me unlock my power.

Kenpachi: Sorry about killing you.

Kenpachi: Not in a guilty way!

Kenpachi: Just - I’m sorry the fight ended. It was fun.

Unohana: It was indeed fun.

Unohana: I have not let my hair down like that for a very long time.

Kenpachi: Yeah, why is that, anyway?

Kenpachi: When I saw you as a kid, you were this cool, fight-loving captain who just went out looking for people to fight!

Kenpachi: When I arrived in Soul Society, you were this…doctor. 

Kenpachi: What happened?

Unohana: Killing became boring.

Unohana: I needed another venue.

Unohana: I had always used my healing sword to make my fights last longer.

Unohana: But it occurred to me that I could put it to another use.

Kenpachi: So you stopped killing just like that?

Unohana: It was a process.

Unohana: There is a reason the head captain never let me go to battlefields.

Unohana: And I reason I avoided you.

Unohana: I knew that if I ever had a taste of killing again, I’d never stop.

Kenpachi: And that would be bad because…?

Unohana: Because I was the Captain of Squad 4. A healer. That was the choice I made.

Kenpachi: I just don’t get that at all! I don’t think I’ll ever give up  Squad 11!

Kenpachi: Not until Ichigo kills me for it!


Unohana: That is your plan?

Kenpachi: I don’t exactly make plans. But it feels like something that will happen.

Kenpachi: And I’d be cool with it.

Kenpachi: A fight to the death with Ichigo is the dream.

Unohana: You must be very jealous of that Ulquiorra espada.

Kenpachi: You have no idea!


Unohana: We never talked about the fact that you named a child after me.

Kenpachi: Yeah, well, it’s not like I knew a whole lot of female names.

Kenpachi: I hope you don’t mind.

Unohana:  I do not.

Unohana: Yachiru seems like an excellent person to bear my name.

Kenpachi: She is, yeah. 


Kenpachi: I told Isane, you know. That you’re dead.

Unohana: How did she take it?

Unohana: Angry, I hope?

Kenpachi: Yeah, definitely angry.

Kenpachi: I told her she could always kill me if she wanted.

Unohana: Generous of you.

Kenpachi: Yeah, well, there’s not much else you can say to the lieutenant of the woman you killed.

Unohana: I have great faith in Isane. I hope she will rise to the occasion. 

Unohana: Maybe release her zanpakuto.

Kenpachi: Hey. Releases can’t be rushed.

Unohana: I revealed mine in the first arc.

Kenpachi: N-no disrespect meant!

Kenpachi: I mean, because I do respect you.

Kenpachi: Admire you, even.

Kenpachi: I hope I’m allowed to say that now that we’re not fighting.


Unohana: I can let it go.