Bleach characters, Ichigo has decided to grow out his hair to the length it was in his Vasto Lorde form! Your reactions?

As requested by anon. :)

When Ichigo became a super-hollow in his fight against Ulquiorra, his hair became very long. What if Ichigo decided to grow his hair out to that length again? How would everybody react?

Byakuya: Well of course Kurosaki Ichigo wishes to grow out his hair.

Byakuya: He is now aware that he is a noble.

Byakuya: Nobles are supposed to have long, luxurious hair.

Byakuya: Kurosaki Ichigo is merely acting as he should.

Byakuya: For once.

Ichigo: …it was almost sweet.

(ghost) Kaien: But Ichigo! If your hair is long, then how will people know that we are related??

Ichigo: Um….from reading the manga?

(ghost) Kaien: But the visuals, Ichigo!

Hichigo: Ha! The king is growing out his hair to look like me, huh?

Hichigo: He always copies my innovations!

Tensa: Let’s just hope he understands what a big responsibility long hair is.

Tensa: I hope somebody teaches him how to do a hair flip.

Tatsuki: Heeeey Ichigo, did you decide to go for a mullet because I have one?

Tatsuki: I know you think everything I do is cool!

Orihime: K-Kurosaki-kun….that hair is so….so….hot!!!

Chad: [gives thumbs up]

Misato: Really embracing your delinquent side, eh, Kurosaki?

Ulquiorra: Kurosaki Ichigo is so - orange now.

Ulquiorra: So very orange.

Rukia: Ichigo, how could you do this? I miss your spiky hair!

Rukia: I mean, I don’t even WANT to stab you now!


Aizen: Long hair that does not indicate a rapid increase in power?

Aizen: Disgusting.

Yhwach: Perhaps he is hoping it will *give* him power.

Yhwach: Pulling out all the stops, as it were. For me.

Aizen: He had long hair with me first.

Unohana: Kurosaki Ichigo, if you want styling suggestions, I would recommend a front braid.

Unohana: So much more practical than people think.

Renji: No, go with a pineapple ponytail! I mean, you already have sideburns like me!

Kenpachi: No - use wires and bells. 

Kenpachi: Most badass hairstyle there is.

Ukitake: Or just let the hair flow!

Byakuya: Yes - flow as a noble’s hair should.

Ukitake: Exactly?

Soul King: Now that Kurosaki Ichigo has such long, luxurious hair, I know what I want for Christmas.

Soul King: Shutara! Make a blanket out of Ichigo’s new hair please!

Shutara: Sure. I’ll need some bones as well, though.


Ichigo: Maybe this was a mistake.

If the Stern Ritter could steal any resurrecion they wanted...

As requested by anon. :)

The Quincy can’t steal an espada’s resurreccion, of course - because hollows are poisonous to them. But what if they could? Which resurreccion would each of them choose to steal? 

1. Cang Du

"I would take the resurreccion of Halibel. Then I would still have water powers, and I could still defeat Hitsugaya, and Haschwalth would not be forced to execute me."

Hitsugaya: Uh I’m pretty sure I could still take you.

Halibel: Not in my experience.


2. Bambietta

"I’d take Luppi’s! With so many arms, I could beat up so many dudes at once! That’d be awesome!"

Giselle: I’ve always wanted an octopus zombie! You’re the best, Bambi!

Bambietta: Uh

3. Giselle

"I’d take Szayel’s resurreccion. I’d love to be able to open people up. And make clones. And have tentacles. It’s all very - enticing.”

Kurotsuchi: And for a second I thought you’d be interesting again.

4. As Nodt

"I will take Starrk’s resurreccion. With a talking gun and soul wolves at my disposal, I would never be lonely. I would have a pack. A pack of adorable soul wolves.”

Starrk: …you might be misinformed about me.

5. Liltotto

"I know it’s obvious as shit, but yeah, I’ll take Aaroniero’s. It’d be nice if I actually got something from eating people - you know, their powers or whatever. Instead of just a really nasty taste in my mouth!"

Yumichika: I’m sorry, did my squad members inconvenience you when they were EATEN?!

Liltotto: Yeah, a bit.

6. Candice

"Fuck yeah I’ll take the resurreccion of Nelliel! A lightning wielding centaur? You can’t get cooler than that!”

Nelliel: That actually does sound pretty cool.

Candice: You see my point!

7. Mask de Masculine

"Oh, I’d have to go with Grimmjow’s, to be sure! I think a panther body suit would look *very* good on me! I’d have so many fans cheering for me, I wouldn’t even NEED James!"

Grimmjow: Uh, if you take my power, the fans won’t be cheering for you.

Mask: Because they’ll be too busy shipping us?

8. Gremmy

"If I took Yammy’s resurreccion, then I would be giant. Giant and strong. Giant and strong enough to fight Zaraki Kenpachi, I’ll bet.”

Yammy: Don’t lie. You want to be me because our names rhyme, right?

Gremmy: …do you know how rhyming works?

9. PePe

"Oh, I am taking Zommari’s! Because you can’t have too much love!"

PePe: Plus a pumpkin in a diaper? That is even cuter!

Zommari: …still not a pumpkin. 

10. Bazz-B

"I’ll taking Nnoitra’s to be sure! With that many hands, I’d have SO MANY fire fingers!"

Renji: Is that really how it works?


11. Askin

"I’ll be taking Barragan’s, I think. I’m admittedly a little lazy, but sitting back and killing everyone and everything with a mere touch? Now that sounds nice."

Barragan: Then you’re “death-dealing” title would be more than a name, too.

Askin: I don’t think I like what you’re implying.

12. Ishida

"I would never take any hollow’s resurreccion, of course. But if I *had* to, then Ulquiorra’s. He has two releases. And I am an overachiever, after all!”

Ulquiorra: Also we bonded. There on the roof.

Ishida: We did not bond.

Ulquiorra: Yes we did. You gaveme your hand.

Ishida: You RIPPED OFF my hand!

Ulquiorra: Same difference.