How Bleach characters would react (if a fly landed on their nose)

Characters vs. fly requested by anon. :)

A fly has just landed on the noses of various Bleach characters! How will they react?

1. Soi Fon

Soi Fon: You dare to attack a captain of the Gotei-13, fly?

Soi Fon: Prepare to meet your fate.

Soi Fon: Sting all enemies to death, Suzumebachi!


2. Kensei

Kensei: Blow it away, Tachikaze.

Mashiro: Did you just use your shikai to blow a fly away?!

Kensei: What about it?

Mashiro: You are such a show-off.

3. Ichigo


Ichigo: [whacks himself in the back of the head repeatedly]

Ishida: What on earth are you doing, Kurosaki?

Ichigo: Well…I figured that if I hit the back of my head, the vibrations would travel forward and dislodge the fly!

Ishida: Why are you so bad at plans?

4. Yoruichi

Yoruichi: Hey! Byakuya-boy! Look! There’s a fly on my nose!

Byakuya: And you celebrate this because…?

Yoruichi: Have you ever flash-stepped backwards so fast that a fly is left hanging confused in the air?

Yoruichi: Because I find that hilarious! Watch!

[Yoruchi flash-steps back]

[Confused fly drops like a stone]

Yoruichi: See??

Byakuya: You need a hobby, demon cat.

5. Aizen

Aizen: A fly has decided to interrupt our staff meeting, espada.

Aizen: Allow me to use my spiritual pressure to whack it away without even moving.

Fly: What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuck

Aizen: Anyway back to our meeting.

Grimmjow: I hate you so much.

6. Grimmjow

Grimmjow: FLY

Grimmjow: [punches himself in the face]


Ulquiorra: You are the reason the espada can’t have nice things, Grimmjow.

7. Unohana

Unohana: There appears to be a fly on my face.

Unohana: I will use my braid to brush it away.

Unohana: And people think my front braid is pointless!

Isane: …that’s the point?

8. Gin

Gin: You think you are safe on my nose?

Gin: Little do you know that my shikai is both very fast and very precise.

Gin: Shoot ‘em dead, Shinso.


Gin: Ew.

9. (puppy) Komamura

(puppy) Komamura: [sneezes]

Fly: [buzzes away with indignation]


Iba: Captain, you are so impossibly cute!

10. Nemu

Nemu: Be careful fly.

Nemu: My skin is poison.

Nemu: You might -


Nemu: I tried to warn you.

11. Chad

Chad: Sure, I can give you a lift.

Chad: Must get tiring flying on those tiny wings, huh?

12. Ulquiorra

Ulquiorra: [twiches nose]

Ulquiorra: [twiches nose]

Ulquiorra: [twiches nose]

Orihime: Um…why don’t you just brush it away, Ulquiorra-kun?

Ulquiorra: I barely needed to use even one hand when I fought Kurosaki Ichigo.

Ulquiorra: I will not use one for a fly!

Ulquiorra: [twiches nose]


Ulquiorra: Maybe you could help me, woman.

What kind of tumblr user they'd be

Author’s choice list. :)

I’ve already done a number of posts about Bleach characters being on tumblr. But those have concentrated on what kind of blogs Bleach characters would have [x] or on what their most popular post would be [x x]. This list, on the other hand, is less about what they would post or reblog, and more about what kind of tumblr user they’d be. You know, what common tumblr behaviors would Bleach characters engage in?

1. Yoruichi

Gets really into whatever the current meme craze is.

She’s spent the whole last week making pregnancy edits about *all* the Bleach characters. But mostly Byakuya.

2. Love

Tends to reblog about a million posts from whatever fandom he’s currently in.

Let’s just say - when he starts a new manga, you know it.

3. Matsumoto

Gets about a million asks.

She doesn’t even request them. They just come.

4. Hisagi

Reblogs question memes with an increasing air of desperation.

Nobody ever asks him anything. He’s not sure why.

5. Mask de Masculine

Adds his own comments to every post he reblogs.

Not being present on a post makes him super uncomfortable.

6. James

Adds “THIS ^^^” to every post he reblogs.

They’re mostly from Mask.

7. Hitsugaya

Sources unsourced art.

Partly out of a sense of right, and partly because he kind of likes the (admittedly simple) detective work it involves.

8. Rose

Is always careful of triggers.

He frequently reminds his followers that he will happily tag anything they wish!

9. Kira

Is snarky in his tags.

People who don’t read Kira’s tags have a very warped impression of the guy. He’s actually very sarcastic.

10. Hinamori

Sends people anonymous compliments.

And then casually stalks their blog until she seems them see it.

11. Aaroniero

Sends anonymous hate. To himself. Just so that he’ll have something to react to. 

Sometimes he forgets to make it anonymous.

12. Keigo

Does not have tumblr savior. Keeps getting spoiled.

He only wishes he were disciplined enough to stay off of tumblr during spoiler time.

13. Lisa

Does have tumblr savior. Always clicks on the blocked posts anyway.

Her curiosity is really her downfall.

14. Ishida

Does fact checks on viral posts.

He gets really passionate when he’s correcting fake etymologies.

15. Orihime

Reblogs all of the “help me” posts.

Be it an animal looking for a new home, a person who needs rent money, or just an awareness thing. Orihime doesn’t want to turn her back on someone who needs help.

16. Kyoraku & Ukitake

Have long conversations by reblogging each other’s posts.

They’d use the message system, but then they’d lose their own replies.

17. Nnoitra

Tags hate.

He likes starting fights.

18. Shinji

Has an extensive folder full of reaction gifs and images.

Including the “backwards” version of each of them.

19. Hiyori

Tags posts in all caps.

It seems like she is constantly yelling. This is accurate.

20. Grimmjow

Reblogs a picture of a fat gray kitten.

With the comment “I had to punch a wall to feel manly again.”

What your preferred Gin ships say about you

As requested by mariannabk. :)

In this fairly old and infrequent series, I psychoanalyze you and your relationship preferences based on what pairings you ship. For science! So let’s go through your Gin ships. What might it say about you, if you ship any of the following?

1. Gin/Matsumoto

You believe that love conquers all, especially if it’s a love that developed from a childhood friendship and the sharing of snacks. Even if distance or misunderstandings or straight-up evil intervenes, you’re pretty sure that love can still fix that. 

How you show your love: By denying it at all costs.

2. Gin/Aizen

You’re attracted to relationships that are complicated and that involve a lot of conflict and lies. You also value dedication, be it the dedication to the relationship or the dedication to murdering the significant other. Whatever works.

How you show your love: By sharing your most closely guarded secret.

3. Gin/Kira

You want someone who will stand by your side no matter what, and who won’t ask a whole lot of questions, and who maybe won’t put two-and-two together when you straight-up involve them in your evil schemes. Are you a crime boss? You seem like a crime boss.

How you show your love: By breaking him out of jail. 

4. Gin/Hitsugaya

You want someone who is basically a tiny version of you, appearance-wise, but who is the complete opposite of you in terms of personality. It’s a little weird. Good luck with that.

How you show your love: By making him so crazy that he moves the heavens for you.

5. Gin/Luppi

You want someone who is easy to talk to and who is fun to be around. You’re not overly concerned with whether or not they actually like you back.

How you show your love: By talking nostalgically about the good times.

6. Gin/Rukia

You like to tease people, and you especially like it when you get a really good reaction. So that’s what you want out of a relationship - somebody who will really dig your special brand of playing around. Or fall to their knees screaming. Whatever works.

How you show your love: By visiting when she’s at her loneliest. 


You think it would be cool to date a coworker, somebody with whom you can bond over how shitty or boss is or how boring the work day is or whatever. Plus, you want someone with really firm opinions about justice, because you’re not sure you know what justice is.

How you show your love: By letting him ramble on about justice, even though you’re really not into that.

8. Gin/Ichigo

You’re aware that you can come across as slightly…creepy, so you figure you should date someone who is creepy like you! What could be more perfect, right?

How you show your love: By giving him a pep talk when he’s down.

9. Gin/Shinji

You just really like accents. They’re cool and sexy. So you’d like to date someone who has an accent like you. Not just like you, of course. Different, but from the same general area. 

How you show your love: By cutting rivals in half, apparently.

10. Gin/Szayel

What you most desire in a relationship is to be pursued, preferably by someone willing to make big dramatic gestures to show his interest. Like lowering himself down to you on a flowered swing. Something cool like that. Also, you want someone who won’t be put off by your more…creepy interests. Maybe even someone who will be into them!

How you show your love: Well, I’m not entirely sure, but I’m guessing a sex swing is involved.

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