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I see you as less attractive now because you watch cartoony things like anime. That isn't cool.


Gin: My favorite pairings

As requested by anon. :)

"Aizen-taicho already explained *his* favorite Bleach ships. But I imagine that everybody would rather hear mine. So here they are - my top 10 favorite Bleach pairings!”

#10: Jidanbo / Hiyori

"I just think they could bond over their - unfortunate run-in with my zanpkuto. Sure, Hiyori’s experience was slightly more dramatic, but I’m sure she could understand Jidanbo’s distress over losing just his arms. Bringing people together - it’s what I do!"



Jidanbo: That guy has zero manners.


Gin: See? They’re bonding already!

#9: Tosen / Grimmjow’s arm

"Tosen and Grimmjorw’s arm only had a little time together, but I will forever ship it. Such an explosive relationship! It is sad how Tosen must always destroy the things he loves."

Tosen: I did not love Grimmjow’s arm.

Gin: So much denial.

#8: Ichigo / Hichigo

"I was thinking to myself - who is creepy enough to date that creepy kid Kurosaki? Then it hit me: Kurosaki’s inner hollow, that’s who!"

Ichigo: This makes me super uncomfortable.

Hichigo: You’re telling me.

#7: Aizen / Urahara

"Because sure Aizen-taicho doesn’t think he loves Urahara. Doesn’t even think he likes him. Actually, he’s pretty sure he despises him. But since when is Aizen good at knowing what he wants? Anyone can see these two are made for each other!"

Urahara: Um, did Aizen talk about me a lot in Hueco Mundo or something?

Gin: So much.

Aizen: I DID NOT

#6: Hitsugaya / Hinamori

"I just think the two of them have such an adorable relationship! Childhood friends who stab each other a lot. Practically a Hallmark card!"

Hitsugaya: WE ARE NOT

Hitsugaya: WAIT


#5: Ulquiorra / Kira

"No one’s really good enough for my Izuru, of course! But anyone can see that Ulquiorra and Kira have a lot in common: sarcasm, a tiny quota of facial expressions, a keen understanding of despair….but most of all, I want Izuru to get close to Ulquiorra. Because I feel like Izuru at least might tell me what Ulquiorra’s second release is."

Ulquiorra: What do you think we’ll be doing on our dates?

Kira: Why are you using the future tense?

#4: Byakuya / Szayel

"Oh, I know, I know - they’ve never met! But come on, just think about it. How perfect would this be? Byakuya is fond of pink and flower motifs, Szayel has pink hair and has access to a flowered swing…plus, they both beat up Renji!"

Szayel: Yes but is he kinky?

Byakuya: Stop showing interest.

#3: Luppi / Me

"Because Luppi! <3!"

Luppi: Have I ever told you that you come across as kind of needy?

Gin: What?

#2 AU Rangiku / Me

"A different life, maybe. One in which Rangiku and I never left the woods. One in which we never even knew that Aizen existed. I would still be…me, but maybe Rangiku would have been okay with it."

Matsumoto: It’s an AU. Couldn’t you just be less into murder?

Gin: Would I be me, then?

#1: Aizen / my zanpakuto

"I just wish they had spent more time together. Like, the rest of Aizen’s life, maybe."

Aizen: Well, shipping often has a sheen of desperation.

Gin: Hey, you guys were briefly canon.

Letters to Ichibei

As requested by anon. :)

Ichibei Hyosube is a member of Squad 0 who can perceive the “real name” of zanpakuto and of their attacks. This allowed him to tell Renji that Renji’s zanpakuto had been lying about the real name of its bankai (awkward). So let’s say word has gotten out that a member of the Royal Guard can perceive the real names of zanpakuto and of their attacks. Which shinigami might decide to request his services? 

1. Gin

Dear Hyosube:

I think I might deserve a refund. My zanpakuto, Shinso, has a bankai called Kamishini no Yari, or “god-killing spear.” Naturally, with a name like that, I expected that it would be successful in, say, killing a god. But when I tried to use it against Aizen, it did not work! Shocking. Either the name of my bankai is wrong, or I deserve my money back.

Please respond!



2. Hitsugaya,

Dear Hyosube,

My zanpakuto and I have an excellent relationship. Even in the filler arc, when all of the other zanpakuto spirits rebelled, Hyorinmaru did not. That is how tight we are.

Nevertheless, I just have to ask. Just to be sure. Just to settle any remaining doubts I have. I heard that Abarai Renji had some trouble with his bankai because, as it turns out, his zanpakuto had not told him the full name of his bankai. Is there…any chance that happened with Hyorinmaru and me? Because my bankai sure does break a lot…

Just wondering. Thank you. I’m sure this is nothing.


Captain Hitsugaya, Squad 10

3. Grimmjow


Do you read espada zanpakuto? Can you tell me if I have a second release like Ulquiorra did? I feel like I should have one. If so you should tell me what the name is so I can use it against Kuro the Quincy.


4. Soi Fon

To: Hyosube

Do release commands fall under your purview? Because my release command promises to sting *all* enemies to death. But you know what? It doesn’t. It usually stings just the one enemy to death, and sometimes not even that.

My request is this: fix my zanpakuto so that it really does sting all of my enemies to death. 

From: Soi Fon

5. Hisagi

Dear Hyosube,

I’m sure this is a long shot, but is there *any way* my zanpakuto has been lying to me about its name? I really hate the whole “wind death” thing. To say nothing of my demonic zanpakuto spirit. He does like to mess with me - maybe he is actually a fluffy cuddle-bun, and has been wearing a scary costume and lying about his name. What do you think?



6. Nanao

Dear Hyosube,

I fear that my zanpakuto will never be revealed. Perhaps if you say its name, Tite Kubo will remember I exist. Do me that favor?


Lieutenant Ise

7. Ichigo

Dear Hyosube,

Hey. I just want to be proactive this time. I feel like lately I’ve been learning over and over again that nothing I think is true is true, you know? So just give it to me straight: is my zanpakuto name what I think it is? How about the attacks? Is anything real? Am I real? Is my name Ichigo? 


Ichigo (I think)

8. Yumichika

Dear Hyosube,

In case we ever cross paths, I want to say one thing: be cool. Okay? Just - be cool. Especially if anybody else is around.



Finally finished a WIP! -(๑☆‿ ☆#)ᕗ I was inspired by this fanfiction I read called Sakura Ai by bleachlover2356. I recommend you all read it, it’s really good!

Summary: Being royal is not the idle life Rukia wanted. She wanted to fall in love and have an adolescence love. When her father arrives with a knight with a twisted plan for her kingdom, she finds her escape and chance to have her love by taking the Blacksmiths horse. Only if she knew her rebellion would strike more than love but a different future for her kingdom.

Zommari: Why We Hollows Hate Quincy - An Exhaustive List

As requested by anon. :)

I don’t think the requester intended this to be a sequel to Cang Du’s list of complaints about hollows - but hey. It works. This is Zommari’s rebuttal: a list of things that hollows hate about those damned Quincy.

  1. Quincy display unbelievable arrogance in hunting down and killing hollows.

  2. They think that just because hollows kill and eat humans, that gives them the right to exterminate all hollows? Please.

  3. Sometimes bears eat people. I don’t see the Quincy declaring war against all bearkind. 

  4. Heck, some *humans* kill and eat other humans. Are the Quincy going to kill all humans??

  5. So really, if they want to be consistent, the Quincy should be trying to exterminate all life. Except maybe sloths. Sloths seem chill.

  6. But even that would be bad because seriously. Nobody appointed the Quincy as judges of anything. They need to be more slothlike and just chill out.

  7. Plus, since hollows used to be human, the Quincy (humans) are mass-killing human souls. That makes them murderers.

  8. Quincy powers are dumb.

  9. Shinigami fight with zanpakuto? Excellent. That makes sense. They deal with souls, they fight with a soul cutter.

  10. Espada fight with zanpakuto? Perfect. Also makes sense. We’re Aizen’s bridge between hollows and shinigami. Of course we use shinigami weapons.

  11. But Quincy powers? What the actual fuck. They’re just a random assortment of random stuff.

  12. Aren’t they supposed to be pieces of Yhwach’s soul? Who the heck has “the power create zombies” or “being able to shout really loud” as part of their soul? That doesn’t even make any sense.

  13. Also, letters of the alphabet? That’s just a bad idea. There’s always going to be a few letters at the end that just don’t make sense.

  14. Like, Meninas power is “Power”? Come on. That’s just lazy.

  15. The Quincy spent thousands of years hiding in the shadows, spying on shinigami. That’s just creepy.

  16. *Nobody* should know as much about shinigami masturbation habits as the Quincy probably do.

  17. There is no way to make “Shadow Empire” sound like a force for good. It screams evil.

  18. Which means that either the Quincy want to be evil, or they are bad at marketing.

  19. Quincy invaded Hueco Mundo. For no apparent reason. I think they are just dicks that way.

  20. The Quincy had hollows working for them. That’s all kinds of hypocritical. If you hate hollows so much, then you shouldn’t kidnap them as cheap labor.

  21. Not to mention they tend to kill hollows casually. At least we hollows kill humans to eat them. Quincy kill hollows for sport.

  22. Whatever happened to Quincy fighting with bows? They can’t even stick to their own kind of weapon.

  23. Narrative arc trumps chronology. Cang Du can mutter about the espada “ripping off” the Quincy all he wants. But the fact is: I came first in the story, so PePe is CLEARLY ripping off me.

  24. The Quincy are terrible at recruitment. They haven’t managed to score even one of their so-called “special war powers.” They’re just bad when it comes to sale pitches.

  25. We espada had way more tragic back stories. Of course the audience bonded with us more.

  26. There are too many Quincy. Ten espada? The audience can handle that. But twenty-six Quincy? No. If your number needs a dash, then you have too many.
Ichigo never got over it

The pain of losing Rukia is something that Ichigo has always found hard to accept.

After getting to know Rukia for just two months… This is how Ichigo took Rukia’s goodbye…


He would remember it, the moment she stepped through that gate. That was how it affected him.


Life has been rough, for he had to watch her slowly fade away from his life…


Seventeen months later, he was convincing Keigo that he did not miss her.

But it was proven that he really did… Why? Because this was the mental image burned in his mind.


He never got over those moments when he had to separate from Rukia. So much so, that the mental image of her leaving him those two times were burned this way in his mind.

When Ichihimes continue to deny IchiRuki for all it’s worth, these panels come into my mind. These are the glaring panels that differentiate Rukia and Orihime’s place in Ichigo’s heart.

These are the panels that show how Ichigo sees Rukia in his mind. How does he remember Rukia? He sees her as that beautiful woman… And the times that she leaves him are carved into his mind. He’ll never forget, because the first she left him, it was Chapter 56, and a long time after that, he still remembered it, in the Fullbring Arc.

And that’s not even the end of it. Even the words she told him; he doesn’t forget. He even repeated them to his own father.

My point here? Ichigo’s devotion to Rukia just knocks you up. And it is mutual. Because Rukia’s trust for him is just as unwavering.

Sorry Ichihimes, but you gotta accept that nothing and no one could come between that kind of bond.