Details on the fight scene between Cap and Crossbones, and some information on Bucky Barnes.

The scene that they have been shooting in the set photos we’ve seen is said to be the first big action sequence in the movie, and a lot of innocent bystanders are going to die. Because of this, the world government is going to “start cracking down on superhero activity.”

It’s then that Tony Stark becomes the leader of a team who supports the government control of superheroes and Captain America leads the team who’s against it. So what does this all have to do with Bucky?

Well, Captain America wants to save his best friend, and Stark wants to get his hands on the guy who murdered his parents, and he’s most likely using the government registration act to do this. Crossbones wants Bucky as well, because “he wants his brainwashed Hydra pet back.” As we previously reported, Black Panther is also after him, possibly because his father was murdered by him, but that’s not confirmed.

So basically everyone is after Bucky, but Cap is the only one that doesn’t want to kill him. The report goes on to say that Civil War is a critical moment for Bucky because “he has to get everyone on his side by the end of this movie, because his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get a lot bigger.”(x)