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Is a Capricorn male compatible with an Aquarius female?

Bottom line. No. Just no. Capricorn males like stability whereas the Aquarius female likes new things. Cap man cannot handle change, very structured. The detachment of the Aquarius female makes her able to change into many forms, which puts off the Cap man. Natures and personalities differ too much and they are just completely different. Whilst in a relationship with the cap man the Aquarius female may feel like she needs to roam free and will feel like she’s missing out on something.

I’m sorry my friend. But seriously no.

Western Zodiac Turn Around Sheets

This shows different angles, emotions, and color of the character for references.

*****Anything that looks like THIS means I have not started on them and are future projects****

Female Aries

Male Aries

Female Taurus

Male Taurus

Female Gemini

Male Gemini

Female Cancer

Male Cancer

Female Leo

Male Leo

Female Virgo

Male Virgo

Female Libra

Male Libra

Female Scorpio

Male Scorpio

Female Sagittarius

Male Sagittarius

Female Capricorn

Male Capricorn

Female Aquarius

Male Aquarius

Female Pisces

Male Pisces

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Capricorn male and Aquarius female ..... How does that sound 2nd of jan ?? 1st of feb ??

She must be special for you to stop and ask :)

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