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I find you fascinating and beautiful.... I wish I could find the courage to believe a girl like you could ever love someone like me around here....

Aw thank you :) Well, who knows. No need to be shy you should come off anon

the-notorious-u-e-e asked:

Write 10 facts about yourself and send this to 10 of your favorite followers. You're in my top 10, son saeng nim :)

Aw, thank you James :) Well these are really random.. I’m part Russian, I know about 6 languages, I’m a pogonophile, I like rough sports, I like batman, my hair is 50 shades of brown,  I’m an awkward turtle, I like the smell of smoke cause it reminds me of my grandpa, used to be a bit of a drug addict and I have 3 birthmarks in the shape of paw prints on my neck. & I would totally send this back to you cause you know you’re most definitely one of my favorites ;)

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Oh em gee. First Japanese anon. 

へぇぇ ありがとう ♥ でも自分に、可愛くないと思う。。

shootmesoftly asked:

Thanks for the reblog. I like hockey too, I'm a Blackhawks fan! What have you not done yet that is next on your list? knottynotnice

No prob :) Hm.. you mean like on my bucket list? I guess becoming an import model (if i can), travelling the world and having a halfie baby haha.