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ssighs i’m really mad at myself for being so cowardly lately but i dunno what it is, i’m just..i feel really weak??? normally i’d talk myself up to things but i dunno..i just don’t feel up to it lately..i get the feeling my classmates don’t..i’m not sure how to say it but like something’s changed? we were never best friends but it just feels a lot more distant and i feel lousy about it..i worry i’m as creepy as i’ve been figuring ahaha…for example today a kid was in front of me and his bag was open and i saw a paper in the open pocket and i figured it might be important so i tapped his shoulder and told him his bag was open and he looked me dead in the eye, said “okay” and then looked around real quick and practically ran away

and in p.e. we dress then come out to the main gym where we meet and i’m always first (mainly because i’m fast as hell when my clothes are off laughs awkwardly..been that way since seventh grade..) and so i wait there and everybody sits down like about twenty feet from me and nobody like..makes eye contact or anything and everyday i try to get a little closer but i get too scared to because i figure they don’t like me i DON’T KNOW..GOD…i’m so self-deprecating lately

and in english today we were supposed to partner up to do some practice mla formatting and i just kind of..sat there awkwardly watching other kids partner up and i figured what the hell, nobody’s going to partner up with me so i started working and i felt really lonely like wow man idk what’s wrong with me but this really sucks haha..and this is really corny sounding but andrew got up and came to sit next to me and he joked around about me being alone and i thought i was going to cry because i didn’t expect him of all people to get up and move to sit next to me……gosh i know i’m looking into it too far but it made me happy ahhhh idk i feel kind of um..i don’t know?? i 

THE GREATEST : Is there a better women’s basketball player in the history of ever than Elena delle Donne? I’m saying no, and I’ve seen the greats play, DT, Tamika Catchings, Cappie Pondexter. Talk about love at first sight! I saw EDD play for Delaware in the NCAAs her junior year and thought the first time I saw her, this is the best player of all time. Then the next year she was one of the “Three to See,” except they never showed any of her games! WTF? Then she got picked third in the draft, but the other two floundered as rookies while EDD killed it. Only Lyme’s Disease can interrupt her march into the first rank of the HOF as the Michael Jordan of WBB. Title IX invented WBB, Elena delle Donne perfected it. She is returning to the Bob in Delaware to play a WNBA game for the Sky. Expect the roof to cave in!

@hiwonoafu said: You rock and are awesome, but would rock more and be more awesome if you drew more CinderxRuby or Twins.

Twins…maybe someday way way in the future. Cinder/Ruby, maybe sometime closer in the future. Sorry, just overtaken by WR love lately, so I haven’t really felt the urge to draw any other ship…!

@xxmr-linkxx said: Could you go by the trailer release dates?

I think that’s the order (R, W, B, Y) but I might be wrong and I don’t feel like checking. If you meant to do so for future drawings I dunno, maybe, I guess? I don’t exactly think about whether I follow the trailer release order when I draw fanart, and it’s not really a big deal…?