The parade begins the first of May at 10 o’clock in the morning, with the Traccas parade; the carts are decorated with beautiful flowers and pulled by oxen, following the carts there is a group of folk on horses, nights, militias, you can also see a groups of folkloristics by foot, with around 5500 people in traditional costumes, and finally Saint Efisio in his city coach.

His journey continues to Giorgino, an old fishing village, here they’ll change their costumes and coach with the country ones.

The tripe continues on the Statale 195, where the astonishing and breath taking wild habitat is found; on the right, the S. Gilla pond, recognized all over the world for its large variety of birds such as, Pink Flamingos, herons, cormorants, ducks, and coots.

Next, always on the right, the mountains of Capoterra, there is the WWF oasis, where their lives an extraordinary fauna: The Sardinian Deer, wild boar, fox, and the royal eagle.

On the left, the Mediterranean Sea skirts the entire journey; the most known beach in that area is the Maddalena, a beautiful shore highly visited and organized.

The Saint arrives at Su Loi at 17:00 pm; in this village it’s held the oldest wooden statue of the Saint, but unfortunately it’s too fragile to transport it throughout the parade.

The parade continues through Villa d’Orri. From there, the Saint will head strait to Sarroch, arriving at 21:30 in the night, he’ll remaining there till the next day.

May 2nd at 7:30 am the Saint will continue his journey from Saroch to Villa San Pietro, where he’ll be welcomed by a beautiful floral carpet with lovely perfumes and colors, known as “Ramadura”. The Saint arrives at Pula around 12:00 o’clock; here he’ll remain till 18:00 pm due to the mass and celebrations.

His last Journey is Nora a church dedicated to him.  A firework show will conclude the day. The 3rd of May there will be “La processione al Mare”, when the Saint returns from the church along the Nora beach. He will then head straight for the Church of San Giovanni Battista in Pula where he will spend the night.

The 4th May, the Saint will leave pula, and head for Giorgino, were he’ll change his coach and costumes and head back to his church within midnight where he’ll be celebrated with a last mass.

Abis Silvia and Murgia Matteo – class 4^ e 3^ C Hotel Management School “D.A.Azuni” di Pula