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  • What are you wearing? blue gym shorts and a grey shirt
  • Ever been in love? with jjy
  • Ever had a terrible breakup? :?
  • How tall are you? i want to say 5’?
  • How much do you weigh? i’m in the 90s…don’t know the exact weight tho
  • Any tattoos? no
  • Any piercings? ears
  • OTPS? jinchan, badeul, shinyoung, chunjoe, n.a.p/capnie
  • Favorite shows? teen wolf, friends, hello baby
  • Favorite bands? b1a4, bts, girl’s day, teen top
  • Something you miss? being able to live life without stressing over everything lmao
  • Favorite songs? (atm;) solo day - b1a4, only u - vixx, 3005 (acoustic ver.) - childish gambino (all time favs;) baby - b1a4, good love - b1a4, let me love you - mario
  • How old are you? am teenager !
  • Zodiac sign? cancer
  • Qualities you look for in a partner? are you jinyoung…
  • Favorite quote? i have a lot but this is one of my fav
  • Favorite actor? lee jongsuk, yoo yoonseok, kim soohyun
  • Favorite color? blue
  • Loud music or soft? soft
  • Where do you go when you’re sad? online to watch b1a4
  • How long does it take you to shower? 10-15 min
  • Ever been in a physical fight? yes
  • Turn ons? good fashion taste, kind, tall, c..ute..
  • Turn offs? disrespectful, rude, unhygienic
  • Reason I joined tumblr? my (old) friends and cousins kept telling me about it and i was curious
  • Your biggest fears? ghosts/demons, spiders
  • Last thing that made you cry? kcon
  • Last time you said you loved someone? today to maria
  • Meaning behind for tumblr url? jinyoung the homeboy…and kun is a japanese honorific title often times used to address males (i thought it was a cute name okay don’t look at me) 
  • Last book you read? the maze runner (great book!)
  • The book you’re currently reading? insurgent
  • Last show you watched? vixx mtv diary
  • Last person you talked to? priscila
  • Relationship between the first person you talked with? :?
  • Favorite snack? i like too many
  • Places you want to visit? paris, korea, new york, hong kong, cambodia
  • Last place you were? besides my house, bahama breeze
  • Do you have a crush? on my favorite boy in the world jjyyes
  • Last time you kissed someone? never
  • Last time you were insulted? today
  • Favorite flavor of candy? idk
  • What instruments do you play? violin
  • Favorite piece of jewelry? bracelets
  • Last sport you played? probs frisbee
  • Last song you sang? short hair - aoa
  • Favorite chat up line? heyo
  • Have you ever used it? yea
  • Last time you hung out with someone? friendwise…two weeks ago
  • Who should answer these questions next? yonghope, cappiecat, seo-ju, @eating-sunrises