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Please explain briefly what is capitalism?

Dictionary definition: an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

Capitalism is the freedom to fail or die trying to get rich.

Capitalism is an economic system in which trade, industry, and the means of production are largely or entirely privately owned and operated for profit. It is  based around property ownership, private industry (that is, businesses owned by private individuals and partnerships, rather than governments), the accumulation of capital and the pursuit of self-interest.

A chief component of capitalism is the notion of competition: that relatively open markets — i.e., with little or no government regulation, depending on the country’s laws — allow for corporations and individuals to better compete with one another, thereby creating better products and better serving consumers. 

 It is a system based on ecological and social exploitation for the profit of the wealthy few.   In capitalism there are social clases. The goal is to work in hopes to become the 1% of the wealthy. Capitalism puts tremendous pressure on all of us to make money in order to survive. Hospitals, schools, prisons, “non-profit organizations,” and every other institution must conform to the profit motive, or be swallowed up.

In the process, life under capitalism is increasingly one of work, consumption, debt, isolation, and emotional and spiritual emptiness. We are losing connection with the two most vital sources of meaning in our lives: community with other people, and communion with nature.

Basically if you have money you will get the best. if you don’t you are fucked. The rich can afford the best so they will almost always be on top, while the poor will almost always be on the bottom.Capitalism is the reason why many kids from impoverished areas don’t or cant graduate. Capitalism was the reason behind segregation. Capitalism was the reason why women were only seen as house wives. Capitalism is the reason that there is starvation while the rich throw away pounds of caviar to the garbage. Capitalism is why america exploits other countries for resources. Capitalism is the reason for ALL of our inequalities. Capitalism is the Reason…

  • Rich people control the economy
  • Starvation exists with a great part of the population
  • average college kids are in drowned in debts
  • the US government constantly lies and makes you believe you are free when you arent.
  • many people work for 8 hrs for 7.25 an hour….
  • Many college kids arent employed after college. 
  • you have to pay ( high prices) for quality healthcare
  • all everyone cares about is what brand of clothes you are sporting.
  • the poor get shitty education why the ELITE class get the best education
  • being poor in america means theres a greater possibility of having less opportunity. 
  • america promises equal opportunity….. BUT you have to have the resources to stay in the game which is hard to do if you weren’t born with a gold spoon. 
  • A lot of Racism exists
  • Walmart has more rights then you do. 
  • Can’t afford chemotherapy or it’s follow up? Well your PRIVATE insurance doesn’t cover it completely and you STILL have to pay extra
  • Businesses are allowed to fool you under certain conditions.
  • Even public school costs some money
  • Think you have freedom of speech without limitations? Try overthrowing your government, see what happens. DEMOCRACY aint going to happen, i’ll tell you. 
  • Companies can and will get around health and safety restrictions 
  • You can sell HUMANS.
  • prostitution is widely spread ( i havent anything agaisnt it but this job is mostly around because they need money) 
  • capitalism in America caused slave trade


But this mighty revolution in the conditions of the economic life of society was, however, not followed by any immediate corresponding change in its political structure. The political order remained feudal, while society became more and more bourgeois. Trade on a large scale, that is to say, particularly international and, even more so, world trade, requires free owners of commodities who are unrestricted in their movements and as such enjoy equal rights; who may exchange their commodities on the basis of laws that are equal for them all, at least in each particular place. The transition from handicraft to manufacture presupposes the existence of a number of free workers — free on the one hand from the fetters of the guild and on the other from the means whereby they could themselves utilise their labour-power — workers who can contract with the manufacturer for the hire of their labour-power, and hence, as parties to the contract, have rights equal to his. And finally the equality and equal status of all human labour, because and in so far as it is human labour, found its unconscious but clearest expression in the law of value of modern bourgeois political economy, according to which the value of a commodity is measured by the socially necessary labour embodied in it. — However, where economic relations required freedom and equality of rights, the political system opposed them at every step with guild restrictions and special privileges. Local privileges, differential duties, exceptional laws of all kinds affected in trade not only foreigners and people living in the colonies, but often enough also whole categories of the nationals of the country concerned; everywhere and ever anew the privileges of the guilds barred the development of manufacture. Nowhere was the road clear and the chances equal for the bourgeois competitors — and yet that this be so was the prime and ever more pressing demand.
—  Karl Marx, Anti-Dühring
—  I wrote that and i don’t care about the comments anti feminists are going to write.I will answer to everything

Most of my Latino and black people who are struggling to get food, clothes, and shelter in the hood are so concerned with that, that philosophizing about freedom and socialist democracy is usually unfortunately beyond their rationale. They don’t realize that America can’t exist without separating them from their identity, because if we had some sense of who we really are, there’s no way in hell we’d allow this country to push it’s genocidal consensus on our homelands. This ignorance exists, but it can be destroyed.

Nigga’s talk about change and working within the system to achieve that. The problem with always being a conformist is that when you try to change the system from within, it’s not you who changes the system; it’s the system that will eventually change you. There is usually nothing wrong with compromise in a situation, but compromising yourself in a situation is another story completely, and I have seen this happen long enough in the few years that I’ve been alive to know that it’s a serious problem. Latino America is a huge colony of countries whose presidents are cowards in the face of economic imperialism. You see, third world countries are rich places, abundant in resources, and many of these countries have the capacity to feed their starving people and the children we always see digging for food in trash on commercials. But plutocracies, in other words a government run by the rich such as this one and traditionally oppressive European states, force the third world into buying overpriced, unnecessary goods while exporting huge portions of their natural resources.

I’m quite sure that people will look upon my attitude and sentiments and look for hypocrisy and hatred in my words. My revolution is born out of love for my people, not hatred for others.

You see, most of Latinos are here because of the great inflation that was caused by American companies in Latin America. Aside from that, many are seeking a life away from the puppet democracies that were funded by the United States; places like El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Republica Dominicana, and not just Spanish-speaking countries either, but Haiti and Jamaica as well.

As different as we have been taught to look at each other by colonial society, we are in the same struggle and until we realize that, we’ll be fighting for scraps from the table of a system that has kept us subservient instead of being self-determined. And that’s why we have no control over when the embargo will stop in Cuba, or when the bombs will stop dropping in Vieques.

But you see, here in America the attitude that is fed to us is that outside of America there live lesser people. “Fuck them, let them fend for themselves.” No, Fuck you, they are you. No matter how much you want to dye your hair blonde and put fake eyes in, or follow an anorexic standard of beauty, or no matter how many diamonds you buy from people who exploit your own brutally to get them, no matter what kind of car you drive or what kind of fancy clothes you put on, you will never be them. They’re always gonna look at you as nothing but a little monkey. I’d rather be proud of what I am, rather than desperately trying to be something I’m really not, just to fit in. And whether we want to accept it or not, that’s what this culture or lack of culture is feeding us.

I want a better life for my family and for my children, but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of millions of lives in my homeland. We’re given the idea that if we didn’t have these people to exploit then America wouldn’t be rich enough to let us have these little petty material things in our lives and basic standards of living. No, that’s wrong. It’s the business giants and the government officials who make all the real money. We have whatever they kick down to us. My enemy is not the average white man, it’s not the kid down the block or the kids I see on the street; my enemy is the white man I don’t see: the people in the white house, the corporate monopoly owners, fake liberal politicians those are my enemies. The generals of the armies that are mostly conservatives those are the real Mother-Fuckers that I need to bring it to, not the poor, broke country-ass soldier that’s too stupid to know shit about the way things are set up.

In fact, I have more in common with most working and middle-class white people than I do with most rich black and Latino people. As much as racism bleeds America, we need to understand that classism is the real issue. Many of us are in the same boat and it’s sinking, while these bougie Mother-Fuckers ride on a luxury liner, and as long as we keep fighting over kicking people out of the little boat we’re all in, we’re gonna miss an opportunity to gain a better standard of living as a whole.

In other words, I don’t want to escape the plantation I want to come back, free all my people, hang the Mother-Fucker that kept me there and burn the house to the god damn ground. I want to take over the encomienda and give it back to the people who work the land.

You cannot change the past but you can make the future, and anyone who tells you different is a Fucking lethargic devil. I don’t look at a few token Latinos and black people in the public eye as some type of achievement for my people as a whole. Most of those successful individuals are sell-outs and house Negros.

But, I don’t consider brothers a sell-out if they move out of the ghetto. Poverty has nothing to do with our people. It’s not in our culture to be poor. That’s only been the last 500 years of our history; look at the last 2000 years of our existence and what we brought to the world in terms of science, mathematics, agriculture and forms of government. You know the idea of a confederation of provinces where one federal government controls the states? The Europeans who came to this country stole that idea from the Iroquois LEAGUE. The idea of impeaching a ruler comes from an Aztec tradition. That’s why Montezuma was stoned to death by his own people ‘cause he represented the agenda of white Spaniards once he was captured, not the Aztec people who would become Mexicans.

So in conclusion, I’m not gonna vote for anybody just ‘cause they black or Latino they have to truly represent the community and represent what’s good for all of us proletariat.

Porque si no entonces te mando pal carajo cabron gusano hijo de puta, seramos libre pronto, viva la revolucion, Viva la revolucion!

—  Immortal Technique-Poverty of Philosophy

9-year-old boy was executed in Chicago: Where is the outrage?
August 25, 2014

Antonio Smith, 9 years old, was assassinated the other day.

He was Chicago’s youngest fatal shooting victim this year. He was shot at least four times and fell in a backyard on the South Side.

And when I went out there on 71st and Woodlawn less than 24 hours after he was murdered, here’s what I didn’t see:

I didn’t see protesters waving their hands in the air for network TV cameras. I didn’t see the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson playing their usual roles in the political race card game.

I didn’t see white college anarchists hiding behind their white plastic Guy Fawkes masks talking about being oppressed by the state. I didn’t see politicians equivocating. But the worst thing I didn’t see was this:

I didn’t see the theatrical outrage that you see in Ferguson, Mo. A white cop in Ferguson — a place most people never heard of just two weeks ago — shoots a black teenager and the nation knows what to do. The actors scream out their roles on cue.

But in Chicago, a black child is assassinated, and Attorney General Eric Holder isn’t on his way here. There are no hashtag campaigns saying #saveourboys. And instead of loud anger, there is numb silence.

"It’s only the second day. I don’t know what will happen," said Helen Cross, 82, a neighbor who lives down the street from the shooting. She’s lived in the neighborhood for 49 years.

"Everybody says it’s a shame," she said. "It was terrible. But nobody’s … nobody is …"

Her voice trailed off.


She nodded.

"A lot of people don’t want to be involved until it happens to their family," said her son, Lewis Cross. "And that’s the shame."

The screamers and the race hustlers buzzing in Ferguson like flies have it easy: White cop/black victim is a script that sells, and the TV cameras come running.

But in Chicago, young African-American and Latino men and boys and girls are shot down far too regularly, by neighbors, meaning other black and Latinos.

Venting outrage at police is easier, and it’s politically advantageous. Venting at neighbors is a bit more complicated and dangerous. The neighbors will still be there on the block long after the columnists and the TV cameras leave. People are afraid. They don’t want their children to pay for anything they might say.

"This city is crazy," said neighbor Arnold Caffey, a mechanic from Detroit. "I mean, Detroit is better than this."

We were sitting on his porch out of the rain.

"A baby has been assassinated, and where’s the anger?" he asked. "When that child was shot, some people out there were still drinking, I’m saying a baby has been assassinated, they’re like, well, they don’t care."

What if the shooter had been police officer — a white police officer?

"You know what would happen, the whole Ferguson thing," Caffey said. "But it’s not."

The Rev. Michael Pfleger, pastor at St. Sabina Roman Catholic Church, has consistently condemned the violence in Chicago. He doesn’t flit in or out of town. He’s always here and was scheduled to lead a neighborhood prayer vigil Thursday evening.

"This 9-year-old boy — in my mind — when you get multiple shots for a 9-year-old boy in a back alley, that’s an execution," he said in a telephone interview before the event. "That’s not a drive-by, that’s not an accident. That sounds like an execution."

He’s been outspoken about Ferguson, but he knows that moral outrage is undercut if there’s silence over the assassination of a child.

"We cannot simply be outraged about something that happens someplace else and get immune to what happens at home," he said. "This is pure evil.

"We have to be absolutely outraged. And we have to say, ‘We’re going to find out who you are, and we’re going to turn you in because you’re not going to get by with this. You can’t kill a 9-year-old kid and go home and eat McDonald’s and watch TV.’"

Antonio Smith was shot in a backyard that borders a railroad viaduct on 71st Street. To the east, the gang that runs things is called Sircon City. To the west, a group called Pocket Town runs the show. Police say he was not a gang member.

Cynthia Smith-Thigpen, a retired Chicago Public Schools teacher, talked about the lack of public outrage.

"There’s shamelessness to the silence over this boy’s death," she said. "It’s like, ‘Oh, another child dead in Chicago.’ Perhaps we’re all numb to what goes on in this city."

In the alley, on hot, rainy afternoon, three men sweated through their suits. They weren’t politicians or cable TV screamers. They were detectives working a heater case.

Out there was a concrete pad where a garage once stood, and thick grass in the yard and bushes around the edges. And there was the rain and the silence in Pocket Town.

I stood off to the side and pictured Antonio in my mind. Was he running? Were his hands raised the way activists said Michael Brown’s hands were raised in Ferguson?

Antonio was a baby. He didn’t allegedly steal cigars or threaten a shopkeeper or punch a cop. He was 9 years old. He was targeted. He was murdered.

"People need to be angry, but this isn’t TV, and some people really don’t care," said neighbor Tony Miller, who has a son about Antonio’s age. "And people who don’t live here don’t want to know, but people get killed all the time."


Antonio’s funeral is scheduled for this Saturday morning. If anyone has any information about any rallies, organizing meetings or any support funds for his family, please feel free to message us. 

People who dismiss the unemployed and dependent as ‘parasites’ fail to understand economics and parasitism. A successful parasite is one that is not recognized by its host, one that can make its host work for it without appearing as a burden. Such is the ruling class in a capitalist society.
—  Jason Read

To all of the people who complain about capitalism: Capitalism has many faults, but what is your proposed alternative? Communism?

We all know how well that worked out. You can’t have communism without corruption. At least now you have a chance (however slight) of working your way out of poverty.

"Don't you know communism has killed millions?!"


  • Native American Genocide, 1500s-1900s (direct killings and death from plagues; North, Central, and South Americas combined): 100 MILLION [x]
  • Atlantic Slave Trade, 1500s-1900s (princessbuggie helped with this one): 4 MILLION [x]
  • September Massacres, France, 1792: 1,200 [x]
  • Famines in British India, 1837-1900: at least 165 MILLION [x]
  • Potato Famine/Great Irish Famine, 1845-1852 (an anon helped with this one): 1 MILLION [x]
  • Cholera Outbreak, Industrial London, 1849: 15,000 [x]
  • United States Civil War, 1861-1865: at least 600,000 [x]
  • Building First Transcontinental Railroad, United States, 1863-1869 (princessbuggie helped with this one): at least 1,200 [x]
  • Belgian Occupation of the Congo, 1886-1908: 10 MILLION [x]
  • Spanish-American War, 1898: 17,135 [x]
  • United States 20th Century Coal Mining Industry: 100,000 [x]
  • Courriéres Mine Disaster, France, 1906: 1,549 [x]
  • Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, 1911 (vivianvivisection helped with this one): 146 [x]
  • World War I, 1914-1918: 16 MILLION [x]
  • Building the Hoover Damn, United States, 1922-1936: 112 [x]
  • Shanghai Massacre of 1927: at least 5,000 presumed dead [x]
  • United States Intervention in Latin America, 1929-1987 (progressivefem helped with this one): 6 MILLION [x]
  • The White Terror, Spain, 1936-1975: at least 100,000 [x]
  • World War II, 1939-1945: at least 60 MILLION [x]
  • Benxihu Colliery Explosion, China, 1942: 1,549 [x]
  • Burma Railway, Thailand-Burma, 1943-1947: 106,000 [x]
  • Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 1945: at least 245,000 [x]
  • Bodo League Massacre, Korea, 1950: at least 100,000 [x]
  • Vietnam War, 1955-1975: 2.3 MILLION [x] [x]
  • Guatemalan Civil War, 1960-1996 (an anon helped with this one): 200,000 [x]
  • US Intervention in the Congo, 1964: 1,000 [x]
  • Indonesian Anti-Communist Purge, 1965-1966: at least 500,000 [x]
  • Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, 1965-2013: 21,500 [x], 1,000 more Palestinians have been killed in 2014.
  • Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988: at least 315,000 [x]
  • Bhopal Disaster, Madhya Pradesh, 1984: 16,000+ [x]
  • United States Railroad Workers Killed on the Job, 1993-2002 (princessbuggie  helped with this one): 1,221 [x]
  • Rwandan Genocide, 1994: 1 MILLION [x]
  • United States Deaths Attributed to Cigarette Smoking, 2000-2004: ~1.7 MILLION [x]
  • War in Afghanistan, 2001-present: 57,457 [x]
  • Darfur Genocide, 2003-present: 10,000 [x]
  • Iraq War, 2003-2011: 55,034 [x]
  • Mexican Drug War, 2006-present: at least 100,000 [x]
  • United States Workers Killed on the Job in 2012, as reported by OSHA: 4,628 [x]
  • Hunger (un-feuilly-de-papier helped with this one): 21,000 per day [x], 16,000 of them children [x], 3,000 of them children specifically in India [x].
  • Worldwide Occupational Deaths: 6,000 per day [x]
  • Poor shelter, polluted water, inadequate sanitation, often from homelessness (sideeffectsincludenausea helped with this one): 50,000 per day [x]
  • Occupational Asbestos Exposure: 107,000 per year [x]
  • International Sex Trafficking: 30,000 per year [x]

"Communist Death Toll," according to The Black Book of Communism: 94 million

Capitalism Death Toll: 369 million (369,790,731), according only to the statistics I could get sources for. This number doesn’t even scratch the surface.

But, guess what? Tomorrow, we know for sure that capitalism will kill at least 77,000 more people.