Thank you again for the 37th time @shaiamiel for the incredible trim!! They don’t call him the Curly Dr. For nothing! If you’re in LA, visit Shai at the Capella Salon in Studio City! He takes his time and makes you feel amazing with his awesome skeeelz and great vibes.. Bye bye split ends, you’re not welcome round these parts! #capellasalon


1) DO NOT use any sort of a CHEMICAL or so called treatment that will relax or straighten your hair. The term relaxer is deceiving because the hair will feel more stressed out than relaxed. You are taking a strong chemical and forcing your hair to do something that is not natural. Your curls are very fragile even before you disturb them with chemicals. I also refer to the phone cord analogy. If you keep stretching it and ruining its shape, you will eventually lose the elasticity it needs to bounce back leaving burnt and straight pieces that feel lifeless.

2) BLEACH is not your recommended for your curly hair because it strips off important layers of your cuticle layer. It will thin out your hair leaving it lifeless and brittle. Hair that is abused by bleach will lose most of the curl pattern. In most cases this damage is irreversible! Bleach also causes breakage. Once the hair snaps off, there’s no treatment that can bring that hair back on your head. It broke off and now you have short pieces that didn’t break in a natural look. Curls are created by a bundle of hair that clumps together and coiling around each other. Once you suffer breakage, you are removing the necessary bulk leaving the ringlets looking stringy and lifeless. The same applies to hair color so it’s really important to choose a stylist that understands hair and cares about the health of your hair. Healthy hair is pretty hair. Make sure your stylist respects the integrity of your hair and uses gentle coloring methods. This is one of the reasons the Organic Hair Color is so desirable. If you take all these in consideration, the results will be better and the color will last longer.

3) HEAT will melt your hair. It has the same effect on your hair as bleach and/or a chemical relaxer. Even though blowfrying your curly hair straight will not be a permanent look, the damage done will be permanent. Taking a hot blowfryer with a round brush is really abrasive to your hair. You’re burning it into a very unnatural state. This process also burns all the necessary natural oils your hair needs to be bouncy and shiny. The flat iron, curling iron or a hot press comb will create the same damage so avoid those at all costs.

4) SILICONES are your worst enemy. It’s like applying a teflon coating to your hair preventing any moisture from penetrating your hair. They will coat your hair with a barrier. Silicones or as we call them “Silly-Cones” are plastic derivative that will not give your hair the natural shine you need and want. Pretty hair has natural shine because the cuticle layer is sealed and light reflects of it. Silicones just give your hair a synthetic coating that does not look like real hair. It will suffocate your hair. Continuous use of silicones will eventually dry out your hair because it is not getting the necessary nutrients it needs to keep it bouncy. This plastic coating will also weigh down your hair giving it a very dull look. The hair will feel sticky and difficult to style. Please read the ingredients of your hair products and make sure you don’t find the word silicones, dimethicone or anything that sounds like Silly-Cone.

5) RAZORS, THINNING SHEARS, texturizing shears or anything that sounds like it will remove bulk from your hair should not be used to cut your hair. We wear our curly hair dry and for that reason we should trim individual ringlets as we see them. We want to avoid split ends, so we trim the curls with a very blunt shear to give the ends a very clean cut and removing split ends. The razor and other tools will fray the ends. If your stylist washes your hair first before the haircut, they are not experienced hairdressers with curly hair and should be avoided at all costs. Don’t be fooled by fancy names or techniques. If you hear terms like splicing, dicing, carving, blending, debulking, grating, or any other words that describe thinning, RUN as far as you can. These terms should be used in the kitchen for cutting fruits and vegetables.

Aside from the 10 Curl’mandments, curly girls should look at others that have success with their natural hair. There are so many natural girls out there that have branded themselves because of their natural beauty. I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many of them. 

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I have many pictures of so many different hairstyles that have inspired so many others. Curls come in all shapes, colors, sizes and patterns. Browse the web and find girls that have similar hair textures to yours and see if you can learn from their ideas. Hair is lived in. It’s always evolving and growing, so feel free to try different lengths and looks. Don’t be afraid to cut it shorter once in a while because it will eventually grow back.

Proper cleansing is important as much as hydrating it. Avoid sulfates at all costs because they will strip natural oils. 

The demand for stylists who specialize in curly hair have been growing at a very fast pace. There are very few stylists who have dedicated their craft to understanding what curly hair is all about. It takes years to perfect this skill. I’ve been doing hair since 1994 and even though I understand it really well, I am learning new things on a daily basis. I’ve seen new clients who have flown from all over the world to see me because they can’t find anyone they can trust. I’ve had girls fly from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa and all over the U.S. to see me for their hair. This is because I will give them a good haircut and teach them how to care for their hair at home. The haircut I specialize in and is so popular is the curl by curl method. I trim individual curls removing split ends without taking away big chunks of hair. This type of a cut will last up to 8 months with the proper home care.

Besides Sulfates and Silly-Cones, we need to avoid PARABENS as well. They have been found in breast cancer tumors. If you are not sure what you are applying to your hair and/or body, please research the ingredient. 

Oils have been proven to be effective in moisturizing hair, but are mostly abused and misused. Coconut oil is great for your hair. But we all know that oil and water don’t mix. For best results, apply a little bit of coconut oil to your dry hair before you are cleansing it. The hair will absorb what it needs and the excess will be removed when you are cleansing your hair. I’ve seen many girls apply a lot of oil to their wet hair and coating it creating a heavy build up. Certain oils are not meant for your hair. I’ve seen many girls abuse olive oil and leave it in their hair for days or sometimes weeks. These oils will eventually go rancid and your hair will be greasy with foul smell. 

I always tell my clients, “you can have straight hair or you can have healthy hair!” It’s impossible to blowfry or straighten your hair with heat and maintain healthy hair. Most girls are in love with their long hair, so do whatever it takes to keep your hair healthy to maintain natural shine and length.

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