Biohazard 4 Soundtrack Book

This book surprised me when it arrived in the mail. Even though it’s size got me initially I was a bit let down as well. I was hoping it would have concept art or not commonly seen pieces in print..but that certainly isn’t the case here.

That said, upon flipping through the book again (while photographing it for this set), I have changed my mind.I am more than satisfied with this purchase. It is nicely laid out, pictures of the models were cleaned up for this size print and the amount of tracks across the two CD’s are more than worth the price of admission alone..even at the original retail value I see this as a bargain. Not bad at all. I highly recommend this to any RE fan and is a must own for RE4 or Leon fans.

Also, I will be ripping the soundtrack and posting it up here in the spirit of Halloween! Enjoy!

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Meet your small screen Frank West

Comedian and actor Rob Riggle is known for being more than slightly insane and the man does physical comedy like few performers can. So this seems like kind of a natural fit for the ex Daily Show and 21 Jump Street star.  Rob will be filling the shoes of zombie slaying reporter Frank West in the upcoming Crackle exclusive flick. 

Dead Rising: Watchtower takes place during a large-scale zombie outbreak. When a mandatory government vaccine fails to stop the infection from spreading, the four leads must evade infection while also pursuing the root of the epidemic, with all signs pointing to a government conspiracy. Politics, public paranoia, and media coverage play an important role in the story’s narrative.

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The True Story Behind Biohazard

This hardcover beauty was a pre-order bonus that was exclusive to the Sega Saturn release. It contains back story to the events of Biohazard (or RE1), rare pieces of art (some of which may be exclusive to the book) and is serialized. Very excited to have this!

This book is becoming more and more rare but there is a chance I may get a copy in for my shop..but if that doesn’t happen - I have good news! A dedicated group of fans had the book translated and recreated the pages in english! You can read more info on the book itself as well as its contents here. Enjoy!

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