Late notice but I’ll be at Canzine today selling prints, postcards and some very small zines of very small creatures! This year it’s at 918 Bathurst centre from 1-7, $5 admission and there’s a ton of cool people there so if you’re in the area feel free to drop by!


Hello! I will be at Toronto’s Canzine tomorrow with these, plus other, goods! It’s at 918 Bathurst, please come to see lots of really talented creators, if you’re in the area~!

Also tomorrow is when I will reopen my Storenvy! I will begin pre-orders for Secret Base, my first illustration collection then, as well as offer new handmade goods, stickers that were previously exclusive to conventions, and stationery! Please look forward to it, it will be going live November 1st at 9PM EST

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Attending #Canzine tomorrow at 918 Bathurst! Will have the Harvest Zine, some new prints and postcards. I will update the storenvy later this week with new items. See you there!


 A few babearian portraits that will be available at Canzine West Today (Nov. 17) in Vancouver. They’ll be 20$, a mere pittance for original, one-of-a-kind watercolour paintings. Hope to see you there!

  If these bad ladies don’t sell at the con, I’ll put them up for grabs on the internet. I also have Battle Kitten T-shirts that will be for sale too.

  Here’s a link to Canzine West:


Canzine table and pretty things from artists there!

Thank you so much for those who came around to purchase things or to chat! <3 I had a great time, though next time I’m definitely not going to wear a heavy wool sweater. orz

Maker of the pretty things:

2 wooden painting panel prints by Ashley Mackenzie

The Left Me Overs zine and print by Maiji

A mini rabbit screen print by Kailey Lang

Beanstalk / Verbs zines by Jenn Liv

2 post cards by Christopher Olson

Crochet mushrooms by Steph

Buttons from Michysoong

Zine by Jho Tan

Zine from

Fat Bird by Jennifer Barrett

And sorry, I didn’t seem to get everyone’s info, so if you see your art here, I’m happy to credit!

Hey! I’m organizing a little cat zine and want you to be a part of it!

The Annex Cat Rescue ( is an organization that runs entirely off donations in Toronto, Ontario. I’ve adopted my own cats from them, made friends through them and love supporting them however I can. 

All profits made off this zine will be donated directly to the ACR. The only money I take from the earnings will be to cover printing costs and nothing more. You will keep all the rights to your work. I will only be using your work in this zine to raise money for the ACR.


The title of this zine is, “Cat, get off my zine.”

Final Print Size: 4.25 x 5.5 Black & White (book will be portrait orientation)


The theme of this zine is your cat’s butt.

No seriously.

How has your cat’s butt affected your daily life? From affectionately pushing it in your face to pooping in your tub because you haven’t been home for two days. From sitting on that freshly folded laundry to mashing a love letter on your keyboard when you’re not looking. Hell, you can just draw a cute picture of your cat’s butt.


Sign up will be open until September 21th. I’ll then choose 15 artists. If I receive way more applications than anticipated, well I’ll think about expanding it! If I receive less than 15, then everyone wins! This is meant to be fun but I need to limit the size for time/costs sake. 

The zine will debut November 1, 2014 at Toronto’s Canzine fair. 

You can e-mail me at if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks guys!

Please apply to the zine here: 


HEY ! 

if anybody is going to canzine please visit me i will have a new zine that i put out w/ some guy which will include the above and other stories it’s gonna be a kinda sequel to this one we did last year / dunno if you’ve ever heard of but yeah / it’s gonna be cool and affordable please check it out!!! I even hurt my pinky screenprinting the cover (even tho i probably only did like 10 pulls max and relied on others…again.)

msg me if you want any reserved for you (you can even reserve egg sweatshirts!!) ok thanksss guysss ilu all 


More Canzine announcement post!

The event will be this Sunday, October 20th, from 1pm - 7pm!
The address is 918 Bathurst St.
Entry fee is $5

I will have:

Places / Wanderer art book
2 mini zines: Favourite things / Paper thin
Animals thinking about space 3 original paintings with mats
A set of 9 stickers
9x12” watercolour prints

Hope to see you there!


Dany Reede 
is a young illustrator, cartoonist and visual artist from Winnipeg, MB. He uses really awesome line work and personal symbols  that make me feel better about navigating my way through the labyrinth of emotions and experiences that make up what we’d call life. 

sucker press will be debuting his illustrated zine ‘panic' in Toronto at CANZINE (october 20th). It’ll be a 10 page Risographed zine printed by Colour Code here in Toronto. 

(this is a sneak peek)


Phew, here’s the cover for my new zine, Seance. I’ll have copies *fingers crossed* at Canzine this Sunday. Any leftovers I’ll put up in the shop. If it isn’t obvious enough, it’s a spooOOOooky Halloween comic!

i’ll be at canzine this year!!

i’ll have this as a print, some old zines..and a new comic about 2 girls that im hesitantly working on 

canzine is an amazing zine & underground culture event taking place in toronto at the 918 bathurst centre that’s always full of amazing artists old n established AND new n debuting. i really urge anyone that’s a fan of printed media (esp the self-made variety) to check out!!